UNESCO Warning on the Extinction of 2,500 Languages

UNESCO Director General’s Office,
7 Place de Fontenoy,
Paris 75352,

As a fluent Welsh speaker descended from the Welsh Princes, US dual citizen and the British Civil List scientist I write in the strongest protest at the savage cuts imposed undemocratically by the London Government on the Welsh language channel S4C and the savage jail sentences imposed on activists for the Welsh Language. This reveals a hostile colonial attitude by a London Government which endangers the existence of the language. The Welsh Assembly was unable to stop these cuts and seems to have no real power. As the former UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura wrote: “The death of a language leads to the disappearance of many forms of intangible cultural heritage – traditions, spoken expressions of the community.” I forward to the Director General my poetry in the Welsh language, similar to the Japanese haiku form. I call for a vote of no confidence in the London Coalition Government, one which it is certain to lose. I request the support of UNESCO in advocating emergency measures, which would include the following.

1) Language nest areas into which immigration is prohibited unless the immigrant passes a Welsh language test at A level standard.
2) A cap on house prices, a prohibition on the sale of houses and other property for holiday homes.
3) A quota of jobs for Welsh speakers. At present nearly all key jobs in Wales are given to immigrants by other immigrants.

Despite being the most senior British scientist (www.aias.us) I am excluded from employment by colonialist factions inside Wales. For example, I have been excluded from employment in the so called “University of Wales” for my entire working career. I produce internationally acclaimed science of great current impact (www.aias.us) without any form of payment, and have been forced to do so for many years. Whenever I apply for jobs inside the University of Wales, I am met with undemocratic and unconstitutional, illegal silence. So I call for the condemnation by UNESCO of the University of Wales and all elements that so clearly contrive the death of a language, any language, not just my own. I urge all fellow Welsh speakers to follow my lead, learn and speak the language, do not sell your houses. Put them in Trust for your Welsh speaking children or relatives. For other fellow Welshmen, learn the language, do not just talk about learning the language.

Professor Myron Wyn Evans of Glyn Eithrym, Gentleman,
H. M. Civil List

Bryn Awel House, 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea, SA6 5RA.


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