Kohanga Reo: Maori Language Nests in New Zealand

The kohanga reo in New Zealand has been a great success, these are pre school teaching schemes (ages up to 4) in Maori strongly supported by the New Zealand Government. The Gealtacht idea in Ireland has also been a success, unless that is allowed to be diluted by uncontrolled immigration (holiday homes for rich English speakers of any country of origin). So a combination of these two ideas, and other ideas, should be initiated in Wales as a matter of the utmost urgency. Some estimate that the language will die out as a community language within a decade, because of uncontrolled immigration. I can see this for myself all too clearly. Sir Goronwy Daniels established the TV channels in Wales and an attack on S4C by the London Government is in violation of the UN and European Conventions on Human Rights and should be condemned by the EEC Parliament and taken to Court in the Hague by the Welsh Assembly Government if the latter means anything at all. It should also be condemned and denounced in the United Nations as a blatant attack on an endangered language, and an attack by a coalition that is in a tiny minority in Wales. The latter must go for full independence if it is to save its language and cultural environment. Why has the Welsh Assembly Government allowed its own language to become effectively extinct unless these measures are taken? I know the answer, it is an internal colonalism in which Welsh speakers are second class citizens, especially if they stand up for the language. My case shows this very clearly. By definition there must be areas in which only Welsh is spoken.

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