Buckingham Palace

To Gari Owen:

Although I am a staunch republican nationalist and US dual citizen, this is like selling the Parthenon. Let’s sell the White House next. I don’t know if the Palace has been sold, but the sale should be stopped by the National Trust organizing a purchase, combined with a High Court injunction to prohibit the sale by law. My distant cousin Queen Elizabeth was denied a poverty grant for heating. It is clear that this coalition is hopelessly out of its depth, opportunists not fit to govern. Ark Royal has a history going back to Tudor times. I advise the Labour opposition to persuade enough liberals to force a vote of no confidence on the grounds of incompetence and blatantly false electoral promises. The natural Westminster coalition is Labour Liberal. As you know I have always been a republican nationalist like the great poet R. S. Thomas, who rightfully described the colonialist faction in Wales as murdering the culture. My friend Christie O’ Donovan Rossa learned Welsh easily and quickly, and would flatly refuse to talk to me in anything but Welsh, his first tongue being Gaelic. He was descended from the great patriot Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, exiled to the US.

cc Welsh Assembly

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