Disinformation Campaigns

As Armiger and Civil List Pensioner my record ought to speak for itself, as should the tremendous worldwide interest in my work. As with all public figures and high achievers there will be a certain amount of acidic bile created in the digestion system of those who have achieved nothing visible, or traces just discernible with an electron microscope. A lot of this is due to my lifelong stand for the Welsh language, and a lot of it by my intellectual honesty and intense dislike of injustice and corruption. A taste of corruption can be found in essay / broadcast 64. The disinformation is easily seen through and I respond to it less and less,usually to defend a colleague who has been subjected to calumny. The fact that I have been locked out of the colonized University of Wales, so called, is due to corruption inside that system. Recently it has been caught selling junk courses in a well known major scandal. For the real Wales see the National Eisteddfod, or talk to the People itself. I have tested out the calumny in the past, it was described by a leading barrister as wildly pejorative, and I was awarded a lot of monetary compensation for defamation. The best compensation however is the observation of their descent into utter obscurity.

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