Message for the People of Mawr

I would respectfully but strongly advise voting out the incumbent in the May election. How you do this is up to you, but if you do not use your vote wisely he might get back yet again on a split vote, so will be there yet again for four years, a total of about 35 years. There is no term restriction and there is no proportional representation. If Plaid Cymru fielded a candidate who is against turbines, I will give Plaid Cymru my considerable support. I have already heard a lot of complaint against the encumbent, not only from Mawr but elsewhere. If you do not want totally destructive development forced on you, vote him out. I filed my papers and I am an official candidate. My name on the ballot paper is Myron Wyn Evans, Independent / Annibynnwr. You have not been represented for many years, and have been ignored for many years. The signs are clear that the incumbent represents developers only. People have had enough of the vulgarity of personal attacks and crude disinformation, that message is coming through very strongly. That kind of adolescent behaviour has nothing to do with the traditions of Wales. I am the only Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas, and as Armiger I am not happy with the way in which your grievances are ignored year after year. I have made my views known to Swasnea County Council and have forwarded your grievances. Being an Armiger means that I am a member of the Gentry, (earned on merit), but I am still the son of a coal miner from the Graig.

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