Campaign Messages

I feel strongly about the future of the Welsh language, if anyone among my many friends here on my e mailing listing does not wish to receive campaign messages please let me know. However there is overwhelming international support for the language. Sakharov was also a theoretical physicist who took an active part in politics. My deliberate lifelong exclusion from the University of Wales as in the already popular essay and broadcast 64 is also a kind of internal exile. I am not allowed to earn a living according to qualifications. This is especially reprehensible because the Westminster Government has recognized me with on of its highest honours, appointment as Civil List Pensioner, and I am also a U. S. dual citizen. The U.S. may well protest against systematic personal abuse of one of its citizens. I am the only physicist in Britain on the Civil List, and so I am the only physicist in Wales on the Civil List. Sakharov’s internal exile and mine is a matter of degree. The method is the same. Any systematic abuse of myself is also a contempt of Crown and Parliament. I intend to deal with abuse by ignoring it after one reply. I can deal with reasonable argument in a reasoned and polite manner, but only one message because I have an extensive correspondence. Most politicians never answer e mail and the last thing I want to be is a politician.

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