Daily Report 30/3/12

There were 3,666 hits from 551 distinct visits 47.9% spiders. Government of British Columbia Theory of H Bonding; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres general; Sherbrooke University numerical article 3; Lockheed Martin Essay26; Raytheon UFT88, 102, 99; University of Arizona UFT88, 203; California Institute of Technology UFT25; New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology work on circuits; University of Washington general; King Juan Carlos University Spain UFT80; University of Caen photon B3; University of Poitiers general; Indian Institute of Astrophysics UFT208; Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Omnia Opera selection; Baltimore Police general; European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere Felker3 (Spanish); Royal Society of Chemistry devices; Oxford University UFT151; National Health Service UFT157, intense interest all sectors worldwide.

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