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Myron Evans, a beautiful Mahogany Wall Plaque is reserved for you

March 31, 2011

These are nice wall plaques from “Who’s Who”. I have about twenty of them here, entitled to about twenty more. In order to accommodate them I decided to build a new house, or castle.

Attempted Censorship by Springer

March 31, 2011

To Victor Riecansky
Cambridge International Science Publishing,

Many thanks indeed for your confidence in our book, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”. The Springer attitude is unacceptable to me as the British Civil List Scientist, because it is unscientific. The logic behind the refutation of the Einstein field equation is irrefutable. Since physics is big money these days, they want to hang on to their funding. The recent three hundred million euro cut in CERN shows that they are not succeeding. A combination of CISP and the open source ECE sites has defeated the scientific totalitarianism of the big publishers. The editors at Springer also took over Kluwer recently, and the same pattern of attempted censorship emerged. The same thing happened when Strauss of Elsevier invited a Sci Topics article on ECE theory. The same thing happened on wikipedia, when attempts where made to label me in the same offensive manner. All this happens behind the scenes, all to no effect. At a plenary on ECE last year, hosted by the Serbian Academy of Sciences, the conference decided that ECE should become a central topic in new physics. It has overturned almost every precept of the old standard model. Springer publications on the standard model are obsolete and in many cases mathematically and conceptually flawed. For about twenty years, editors of journals and books who published the truth about the standard model have been harassed to such an extent that the police had to step in to stop it. So I call for a governmental enquiry into this conduct. World Scientific editors were also severely harassed behind the scenes. This is totalitarian conduct familiar from the thirties. So as the Duke of Wellington said at Waterloo, “we will have to meet them in the same old way”.

Myron Evans

Prof. Myron Wyn Evans of Glyn Eithrym
H. M. Civil List,

bcc Welsh Assembly Government

Final Version of Note 177(3)

March 31, 2011

This is the final version, giving a result in agreement with computer algebra, and double cross checking the method, both concept and mathematics. The result by computer algebra by co author Horst Eckardt is that the force eigenvalues of the well known harmonic oscillator are all the same, and the same as the classical values. There is therefore a hitherto unknown vacuum force:

F0 = – kx

which does not exist in classical physics and accompanies teh well known zero point or vacuum energy of the harmonic oscillator:

E0 = h bar omega / 2

Without computer algebra this would be a very complicated calculation by hand, even F1 has seven terms. As can be seen in Eq. (11) there are four quantum force terms with h bar appearing in them, but they happen to cancel out for the harmonic oscillator. These results are the first calculations of force eigenvalues in quantum mechanics, they were certainly not known hitherto.


No emails

March 30, 2011

Al OK, my wife and I took a trip to Tenby and Carew Castle for our seventh anniversary. Carew Castle is on the net. Gerald Fitz Walter de Carru was married to my ancestral cousin Nest ferch Rhys ap Tewdwr, (1073 – 1136), Heiress of Carew (or Caer Rhiw as it should be, meaning the Roman Castra or Fortress on the Hill, before that a Celtic Fort) as per attached. Nest was the sister of my ancestor Elinor (or Helen) ferch Tewdwr Mawr, who was married to Prince Bleddyn ap Meanarch. There is a thousand year Celtic cross there given to Prince Maredudd ab Edwin (killed in battle in 1035). It is in nearly perfect condition. Also a tidal mill, (melin heli) dating to 1540. The original castle became an Elizabethan mansion. The Carew family were supporters of Henry VII Tudor, also my ancestral cousin.


Book order(Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation)

March 30, 2011

Sounds good!

Scripts for Narration

March 29, 2011

To Robert Cheshire:

Thanks for this offer, very interesting. I have written a series of twenty six essays to date, twenty three of which I recorded on with the kind help of Simon Clifford. The recordings are very popular, as we can see from feedback. I think that they would be even more popular if narrated by yourself as a professional actor. The most popular one is the complete film script of “The Universe of Myron Evans”. This is followed by “Nobody is Perfect”, based on our criticism of the Einstein field equation. It is possible to listen to them by clicking on the publications section on the home page of and scrolling down to “Essays and Lecture Material”. These could easily make a documentary with narration over film. I also narrated some of my poetry, but in a flat and hurried manner which does not really do it any justice. It can be seen from feedback that every single talk is listened to, a pleasant surprise for me. This indicates a hunger for comprehensible physics, and also poetry. Pease feel free to re record any you like. A copy of the biography by Kerry Pendergast has been sent to Ken Russell, who needs no introduction from me. I also recorded some strict metre poetry in my first language, the Welsh language. An actor or actress who knows Welsh would certainly do that more justice. Few poets read their own work well, the great exception being Dylan Thomas.

Criticism of Big Bang by Robert Cheshire

March 29, 2011

Robert Cheshire kindly gave me permission to distribute this criticism. I think it is clear thinking, and shows that now obsolete Big Bang was total nonsense. this is what I thought as an undergraduate.


MEDIA RELEASE – windfarms threaten many bird species with extinction

March 29, 2011

I think that the opposition to wind turbines will sharpen quickly and considerably, forcing Governments to abandon misused wind turbine subsidies and return to natural gas and coal, of which there are two or three hundred years of reserves. This would give ample time to develop new energy devices now that ECE theory has shown them to be feasible without violating the conservation laws of physics. I fully support Mark Duchamp in his struggle against this vicious madness, and against the slaughter and extinction of rare species. In Mawr in South Wales a revolting proposal was thrown out after 90% opposition. Even then, M. P.’s sat on the fence and did nothing. This indicates the urgent need for government by referendum, because M.P.’s are effectively elected dictators if they do not do their basic duty of representation. Global warming has already been abandoned as a scientific theory. The experiment of wind turbines in Denmark and Germany has been an economic disaster. An independent Wales governed by referendum on all important issues, and directly by the People, would see the end of wind turbines within its territory. I urge the other Celtic countries to ban wind turbines.

Letter to Robert Cheshire

March 29, 2011

Robert Cheshire,
Actor and Producer,

Dear Robert,

Good to hear from you! I agree with your refutation of Big Bang, whose metrics are comprehensively refuted in M .W. Evans, S. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (just published by Cambridge International Science Publishing, Further detailed refutations are found in UFT 118 and UFT 120 on Note especially Section 25.2 of UFT 118, giving experimental refutations: there are websites full of these experimental refutations. Big Bang has been abandoned to all intents and purposes and was a derogatory term coined by Hoyle. All conclusions in the twentieth century drawn from the Einstein field equation are incorrect due to neglect of torsion, (which is the same thing as using a wrong symmetry for the connection). The ECE theory uses the correct connection and produces an acceptable cosmology without dark matter. This is explained in UFT 137 and some talks on These talks are very popular and in my opinion could be put together in a documentary with you as narrator. Being descended from Paganus the Devil de Turbeville, it is easy for me to be a rank heretic, but a logical one. Can I have your permission to distribute and post your own views on Big Bang? There is nothing wrong with them, but being common sense, they are anathema to standard physics. Nothing sensible has ever been written about Big Bang, and in UFT 118 a logical explanation of the cosmological red shift is suggested. It has nothing to do with expansion, it is a routine optical effect.


Descent from Payn de Turbeville

March 29, 2011

The de Turbeville at the Battle of Hastings (1066) is recorded in the Battle Abbey Roll. He came from Turbeville in Normandy of Danish Viking origin, verified by DNA Y chromosome analysis of a contemporary Turbeville on the net. A Payn (or Paganus) de Turbeville (bc 1070), is known to have had lands in Crug Hywel inside Wales. This Payn married Asser ferch Morgan ap Meuring ap Gwrgan ab Ithel of Coity (she was born about 1090). Their son Gilbert de Turbeville (bc 1120 in Crug Hywel) married a lady called Agnes, nothing more is known about her. Their son was Payn de Turbeville Y Cythrael (The Rogue or Demon), bc 1140 in Coity Castle who married Matilda ferch Morgan (b 1158 in Afan Walia) ap Morgan ap Caradog ap Iestyn ap Gwrgan, Tywysog Morgannwg (Prince of Glamorgan). Their son was Emerod de Turbeville, whose daughter Cristin de Turbeville married my ancestor Gwilym ap Meurig ap Cydifor ab Gwgon ap Blegwrd ap Bleddyn ap Maenarch, Tywysog Brycheiniog (Prince of Brycheiniog, roughly Brecon County in modern Powys).