Descent from Payn de Turbeville

The de Turbeville at the Battle of Hastings (1066) is recorded in the Battle Abbey Roll. He came from Turbeville in Normandy of Danish Viking origin, verified by DNA Y chromosome analysis of a contemporary Turbeville on the net. A Payn (or Paganus) de Turbeville (bc 1070), is known to have had lands in Crug Hywel inside Wales. This Payn married Asser ferch Morgan ap Meuring ap Gwrgan ab Ithel of Coity (she was born about 1090). Their son Gilbert de Turbeville (bc 1120 in Crug Hywel) married a lady called Agnes, nothing more is known about her. Their son was Payn de Turbeville Y Cythrael (The Rogue or Demon), bc 1140 in Coity Castle who married Matilda ferch Morgan (b 1158 in Afan Walia) ap Morgan ap Caradog ap Iestyn ap Gwrgan, Tywysog Morgannwg (Prince of Glamorgan). Their son was Emerod de Turbeville, whose daughter Cristin de Turbeville married my ancestor Gwilym ap Meurig ap Cydifor ab Gwgon ap Blegwrd ap Bleddyn ap Maenarch, Tywysog Brycheiniog (Prince of Brycheiniog, roughly Brecon County in modern Powys).

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