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Al OK, my wife and I took a trip to Tenby and Carew Castle for our seventh anniversary. Carew Castle is on the net. Gerald Fitz Walter de Carru was married to my ancestral cousin Nest ferch Rhys ap Tewdwr, (1073 – 1136), Heiress of Carew (or Caer Rhiw as it should be, meaning the Roman Castra or Fortress on the Hill, before that a Celtic Fort) as per attached. Nest was the sister of my ancestor Elinor (or Helen) ferch Tewdwr Mawr, who was married to Prince Bleddyn ap Meanarch. There is a thousand year Celtic cross there given to Prince Maredudd ab Edwin (killed in battle in 1035). It is in nearly perfect condition. Also a tidal mill, (melin heli) dating to 1540. The original castle became an Elizabethan mansion. The Carew family were supporters of Henry VII Tudor, also my ancestral cousin.


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