Scripts for Narration

To Robert Cheshire:

Thanks for this offer, very interesting. I have written a series of twenty six essays to date, twenty three of which I recorded on with the kind help of Simon Clifford. The recordings are very popular, as we can see from feedback. I think that they would be even more popular if narrated by yourself as a professional actor. The most popular one is the complete film script of “The Universe of Myron Evans”. This is followed by “Nobody is Perfect”, based on our criticism of the Einstein field equation. It is possible to listen to them by clicking on the publications section on the home page of and scrolling down to “Essays and Lecture Material”. These could easily make a documentary with narration over film. I also narrated some of my poetry, but in a flat and hurried manner which does not really do it any justice. It can be seen from feedback that every single talk is listened to, a pleasant surprise for me. This indicates a hunger for comprehensible physics, and also poetry. Pease feel free to re record any you like. A copy of the biography by Kerry Pendergast has been sent to Ken Russell, who needs no introduction from me. I also recorded some strict metre poetry in my first language, the Welsh language. An actor or actress who knows Welsh would certainly do that more justice. Few poets read their own work well, the great exception being Dylan Thomas.

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