Attempted Censorship by Springer

To Victor Riecansky
Cambridge International Science Publishing,

Many thanks indeed for your confidence in our book, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”. The Springer attitude is unacceptable to me as the British Civil List Scientist, because it is unscientific. The logic behind the refutation of the Einstein field equation is irrefutable. Since physics is big money these days, they want to hang on to their funding. The recent three hundred million euro cut in CERN shows that they are not succeeding. A combination of CISP and the open source ECE sites has defeated the scientific totalitarianism of the big publishers. The editors at Springer also took over Kluwer recently, and the same pattern of attempted censorship emerged. The same thing happened when Strauss of Elsevier invited a Sci Topics article on ECE theory. The same thing happened on wikipedia, when attempts where made to label me in the same offensive manner. All this happens behind the scenes, all to no effect. At a plenary on ECE last year, hosted by the Serbian Academy of Sciences, the conference decided that ECE should become a central topic in new physics. It has overturned almost every precept of the old standard model. Springer publications on the standard model are obsolete and in many cases mathematically and conceptually flawed. For about twenty years, editors of journals and books who published the truth about the standard model have been harassed to such an extent that the police had to step in to stop it. So I call for a governmental enquiry into this conduct. World Scientific editors were also severely harassed behind the scenes. This is totalitarian conduct familiar from the thirties. So as the Duke of Wellington said at Waterloo, “we will have to meet them in the same old way”.

Myron Evans

Prof. Myron Wyn Evans of Glyn Eithrym
H. M. Civil List,

bcc Welsh Assembly Government

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