MEDIA RELEASE – windfarms threaten many bird species with extinction

I think that the opposition to wind turbines will sharpen quickly and considerably, forcing Governments to abandon misused wind turbine subsidies and return to natural gas and coal, of which there are two or three hundred years of reserves. This would give ample time to develop new energy devices now that ECE theory has shown them to be feasible without violating the conservation laws of physics. I fully support Mark Duchamp in his struggle against this vicious madness, and against the slaughter and extinction of rare species. In Mawr in South Wales a revolting proposal was thrown out after 90% opposition. Even then, M. P.’s sat on the fence and did nothing. This indicates the urgent need for government by referendum, because M.P.’s are effectively elected dictators if they do not do their basic duty of representation. Global warming has already been abandoned as a scientific theory. The experiment of wind turbines in Denmark and Germany has been an economic disaster. An independent Wales governed by referendum on all important issues, and directly by the People, would see the end of wind turbines within its territory. I urge the other Celtic countries to ban wind turbines.

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