Letter to Robert Cheshire

Robert Cheshire,
Actor and Producer,

Dear Robert,

Good to hear from you! I agree with your refutation of Big Bang, whose metrics are comprehensively refuted in M .W. Evans, S. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (just published by Cambridge International Science Publishing, www.cisp-publishing.com). Further detailed refutations are found in UFT 118 and UFT 120 on www.aias.us. Note especially Section 25.2 of UFT 118, giving experimental refutations: there are websites full of these experimental refutations. Big Bang has been abandoned to all intents and purposes and was a derogatory term coined by Hoyle. All conclusions in the twentieth century drawn from the Einstein field equation are incorrect due to neglect of torsion, (which is the same thing as using a wrong symmetry for the connection). The ECE theory uses the correct connection and produces an acceptable cosmology without dark matter. This is explained in UFT 137 and some talks on www.aias.us. These talks are very popular and in my opinion could be put together in a documentary with you as narrator. Being descended from Paganus the Devil de Turbeville, it is easy for me to be a rank heretic, but a logical one. Can I have your permission to distribute and post your own views on Big Bang? There is nothing wrong with them, but being common sense, they are anathema to standard physics. Nothing sensible has ever been written about Big Bang, and in UFT 118 a logical explanation of the cosmological red shift is suggested. It has nothing to do with expansion, it is a routine optical effect.


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