Ymddiriedolaeth Teulu Newlands: Newlands Family Trust

This will be brought into being shortly, and in my letter of wishes as founder, the AIAS is incorporated within the Trust, so the legal position of AIAS is defined in this way in the law of England and Wales. UPITEC is legally registered in Boise, Idaho, USA, as a not for profit organization, and all AIAS Fellows are members of staff of UPITEC. I hope that the Trust will be in a position to provide limited funds for AIAS, but that will be a matter for the Trustees to decide at some point in the future. The Trust is set up under Trust Law for an initial 125 years. This house, part of the original Bryn Awel House, is also protected by the Trust. It was built by my great grandfather William Newlands, whose ancestry is now known back to the late eighteenth century to James Combe Newlands, probably of the Aberdeen area in Scotland. The Trustees are also empowered to provide funds to continue to build up the www.aias.us site and diary with the help of scientific colleagues. I hope to be able to work on ECE theory for at least twenty years, because I am fortunately in excellent health and life expectancy is increasing. However, it is always wise to plan for the future, quite obviously. The single greatest threat to the Welsh language is arbitrary sale of houses at vastly inflated prices. That will destroy precious heritage and language, and is in fact illegal under EEC laws. These laws should be enforced more rigorously. In fact this house was sold and I bought it back myself and renovated it.

Glyn Eithrym

bcc Welsh Assembly

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