Preliminary Feedback for April 2011

The preliminary feedback is recorded as usual on the last day of the month before the main file is overwritten. For April to date for there has been very intense university interest recorded at the end of the attached file as usual. There were 91,435 files downloaded (hits), 13,264 distinct visits, 57,143 pages downloaded, 7.61 gigabytes downloaded, 2061 documents read from 94 countries, led by USA, Russian Federation, Germany, France, Britain, Mexico, Australia, Canada, ……. All UFT and articles by colleagues read as usual. The talks and essays were very popular and are listed in order of popularity at the end of this file, broadcasts by Robert Cheshire and myself. There is a new article by article analysis available in the UFT section, showing very intense interest in all items over a span of four years since Dec. 12th 2006.

This is the seventh anniversary of the attached file, so happy birthday. It is a unique historical document in its own right.


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