Comments on Notes 181

These bring together several threads of recent thought, and give a new insight into why the Einstein de Broglie equations failed so drastically in UFT 158 ff and 171. K. G. Jacobi was one of the first to understand W. R. Hamilton’s dynamics, and the Hamilton Jacobi equation is a cornerstone of classical dynamics and relativity. It has the advantage of a well defined and constant hamiltonian. The R parameter is now well understood as:

R = (omega / c) squared – kappa squared + R0


R0 = (m0 c / h bar) squared

where m0 is the particle mass, the familiar measured mass. Whenever there is particle interaction R is not constant, so it is futile to try to measure particle mass by particle collision and all those expensive machines. I used the relativistic Hamilton Jacobi equation in chapter 12 of volume 1 of “The Enigmatic Photon”, now very popular on the open source Omnia Opera of this site,

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