Going on Strike

I am paid very highly, 2,400 pounds a year. In order to get a pension to live on I am thinking of going on strike. These are jokes in case somebody did not notice. The expenditure for the royal family is estimated to be 24 million a year, the royal wedding cost 60 million when the country is bankrupt, the cost of petrol is at a record high (80% of it taxation) and everything is being cut except the speaker’s wig. The speaker or speakeress lives in great luxury at public expense, and there is a lot of fiddling going on, all of it being denied. All these other statements are jokes too, but no one is laughing. The defence of Europe depends entirely on the United States, so it is not wise to offend the republican ideals of that nation by fantasies such as these. I really look forward to the time when my own back yard becomes a republic. If the income of the royal family is 24 million a year, why did the Queen apply for a poverty grant and why was it denied? Perhaps it was to cover the expense of the wedding. To a simple minded scientist that is madness. It was for Milton too. Was he a footballer?

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