Section 3 Onwards of Paper 150

This is the section where the Einstein calculation of light deflection by mass is shown to be incorrect by six orders of magnitude. The computation was carried out by my co author Dr Horst Eckardt and checked with two different packages. The correct calculation is based on a possible solution of the Orbital Theorem of UFT 111 on this website ( and gives the first estimate of photon mass from light deflection. The final paper 150 will now be assembled and posted. It has already been described as a brilliant paper by Kerry Pendergast, one of Britain’s leading astronomers. Einstein was capable of making severe errors, as is well known to the initiated, and so was easily capable of having used the wrong connection symmetry in his field equation, as is being slowly realized. I am posting this section on the blog to give an early view to scientists. Since Einstein’s own equation was used, there is no way out of this disaster for standard physics unless new thinkers are allowed their fair credit. This has always been the case in science in the past. I am going to write an essay on this result, and then record it as a talk to be posted on and other ECE sites. Along with my late friend Vigier, I have the utmost respect for Einstein’s work. Ultimately, the emergence of ECE will strengthen his basic ideas. Vigier was invited to work with Einstein.


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