Plan for Lectures

I advise a plan where interested ECE scientists record series of lectures and post them simultaneously on all the ECE sites and also youtube. Where possible the lectures can be video taped with use of overhead projector slides or power point slides. The students liked the method I used as a Professor of Physics at University of North Carolina Charlotte : overhead projector slides typeset in easily readable format. US lectures are 1 hour 25 minutes,and I lectured from freshman to postgraduate level. Student assessments each seminar were very good to excellent. There are no time limits or limits on number of lectures. Judging by the huge worldwide interest in the ECE sites, the lecturers would have a very big lecture theatre at their disposal. I advise buying quality equipment of the type recommended by Dr Timothy Davies. Good sound quality and visual quality is important. Animations must be computer generated from ECE equations, not arbitrary animations made just for effect. These lectures must be about ECE theory or its applications. We should get down to some hard work in a coordinated manner.

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