Possible Location of IFE Apparatus in the University of Zurich

To the Munich Group

If it is still there it would be in the Institute of Theoretical Chemistry of the Irchel Campus, Winterthurestrasse, on the road to Schaffhausen and Winterthur from Zurich. I worked here as a Guest of the University of Zurich from about Oct. 1990 to about Oct 1991. I was well paid and conditions were good in Switzerland. The staff of the Dean’s office of the University of Zurich may know if Georges Wagniere still lives in retirement in Zurich. Similarly the staff of ETH might know if Richard Ernst still lives in retirement in Zurich. As you know Zurich has about eleven Nobel Laureates and is one of the eminent university cities of central Europe, capital of the Canton of Zurich. In about the mid or late nineties Wagniere and his group observed inverse magnetochiral birefringence (Phys. Lett. A) and that can be googled up easily. That was a masterly experiment. Stanislaw Wozniak worked in what is now the Kielich Institute of the University of Poznan, named after my co editor Stanislaw Kielich of “Modern Nonlinear Optics” in the Advances in Chemical Physics series ed. Prigogine and Rice (six volumes hardback, softback e book and two editions, 1992, 1993, 1997 and 2001). In the first volume of the first edition there is a review by Zawodny of the inverse Faraday effect with 150 references. As you see it is a very well developed effect and ACP will be in any good library in Munich, and also Zurich. It is strongly recommended that a thorough literature search be done before starting any experimentation, and if possible telephone calls to George Wagniere, Richard Ernst and Stanislaw Wozniak. Frank Lichtenberg of AIAS works at ETH. A triple cooperation between AIAS / Munich, Univ. Zurich and ETH would be optimal.

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