Viking Ancestors

This is full of interest as usual, the Vikings were the adventurous elements of Scandinavian Society, the rest of the society was quite different think. Through the outstanding Turner-Thomas website, Celtic Royal Genealogy, all the intricate family links can be researched.

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Hello Myron, my sister Gaynor, asked me to trace some Viking ancestors. Just in case you are interested, here’s my research. …… Our descendancy is through the Vaughans of Llanedi, Berkeleys, de Mowbrays, Fitz-Alans and Henry of Lancaster to Blanche d’Artois, Queen of Navarre. Blanche d’ Artois (b. circa. 1248) was the daughter of Robert l “Le Bon”, Comte d’Artois and granddaughter of King Louis Vlll “le Lion” of France (b. circa 1187). King Louis Vlll was the son of King Phillippe ll “Auguste” of France (b. circa 1165), grandson of King Louis Vll “le jeune” of France (b. circa 1120) and great grandson of King Louis Vl “le Gros” of France (b. Circa. 1078). King Louis Vl was the son of King Phillippe l of France and Anna, Agnesa Yaroslavana, Grand Duchess of Kiev, Ukraine. Anna Agnes Yaroslavana. (b. circa 1032) was the daughter of Yaroslav l, “The Wise” Grand Duke of Kiev, and Princess Ingigerd, Olafsdottir of Uppsala Sweden. Princess Ingigerd (b. circa 1003) was the daughter of King Olaf 1 of Sweden and Inegrid Olafsdottir of Sweden. King Olaf 1 (b. circa 975) was the son of King Erik VIIl Bjornsson of Sweden and Signid Storrada. King Erik Vlll (b. Circa 920) was the son of Bjorn lll, “The Old” Eriksson, King of Sweden and grandson of Erik lll Edmundsson King of Sweden. Erik lll (b. Circa 854) was the son of Edmund Erickson of Sweden, grandson of Erick ll Refilsson of Sweden and great grandson of Refill Bjornsson of Sweden. Refill Bjornsson (b circa 785 ) was the son of Bjorn Jernside Ragnarsson of Denmark, grandson of Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson of Sweden and Aslaug Sigurdsdatter of Denmark. Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson (b. circa 735) was the son of Sigurd “Ring” Randversson, King of Denmark and Sweden, and Afhild Gandolfsdottir. Sigurd “Ring” Radversson Sigurd (b. circa 705) was the son of Randver Radbartsson, of Denmark. Randver Radbartsson (b.circa 680) was the son of Radbart, King of Garderige, Russia (b. circa 655) and Aud, Ivarsdatter of Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland. All for now. Vivienne.

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