Feedback and Scientometrics for, July 2013 to Date

As usual there was intense international interest in the work of AIAS, recorded at the end of the attached overview book of the 2% sector I refer to as “Universities, Institutes and Similar”. This is the preliminary feedback recorded on the last day of the month as usual before the file is overwritten. The total feedback will be give on the first day of the new month as usual. The total amount of interest from this sector is much larger, because I can only record those visits which use identifiable URL’s. There is a very large unresolved sector made up of people using private computers. July is a quiet time for universities but even so there were 75,211 hits, 50,777 page views, 14,789 distinct visits, 8.55 gigabytes downloaded, 2,733 documents read or heard from 105 countries, led by: USA, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Britain, Colombia, Russian Federation, …… So congratulations to all staff! The total feedback since 2006 is available for anyone interested, but this is a large file running to tens of thousands of pages. In the last decade, ECE theory has been read tens of millions of times in up to 163 counties, estimated from the fact that each distinct visit is about ten readings on average.


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