Grindlewald in Switzerland

This is one of the places that we visited in Switzerland. It is reached from Zurich by train through Bern and in to the Bernese Oberland. It is just below the north wall of the Eiger, which rises 3,000 metres (9,800 feet) above the village. I have many photographs of Switzerland which I should post. Zurich itself is at a high elevation and gets bitterly cold in winter. I found this out when training on one of the city’s tartan tracks, but the buildings are well insulated. The north wall of the Eiger looks impossible to climb, but has been climbed many times by now, including solo ascents in winter. In German it is called “murder wall” because it has claimed so many lives. Doing the IFE should be easier than the north wall. The Swiss Alps are visible across the Zurichsee in Zurich, and there are many art galleries, and dealers’ shops.

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