438(4): New m Theory of the Capture of a Photon of Mass m by an Object of Mass M

This theory uses the same set of equations as for the dark star dynamics of the previous note, under the conditions (5) and (6). The conventional theory of light deflection is given in the Newtonian limit, and the by now well known limit of transforming the Newtonian result to the experimental result, without using the Einstein field equation. Light deflection in m theory was developed in UFT419, but the aim of this note is to use the full set of equations available, because the results of 438(3) are so interesting and startlingly original. Clearly, when a photon approaches a dark star it will be captured, and not just deflected. After being captured it is permanently trapped. In the usual theory of light grazing an object of mass M the hyperbolic trajectory is slightly deflected. There is a need to compute all the conic section orbits from m theory: ellipse, circle, hyperbola and parabola. To date only the ellipse has been considered.


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