UFT88 Read Again at the University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is ranked 29 in the world by Shanghai, 73 by QS, 79 by webometrics and 116 by Times. It was founded in 1479 and has over forty thousand students. There is an ECE School of Thought there, the filtered statistics section of www.aias.us record many visits over fifteen years daily. Notable Alumni include Tycho Brahe, Niels Bohr and Aage Bohr. UFT88 is the classic refutation of the Einstein field equation through use of torsion. UFT88 gradually reached its final form in UFT313, the JCE identity or second Bianchi identity corrected for torsion. The Einstein field equation is based directly on the torsionless second Bianchi identity, so is completely incorrect. This is a fact of geometry which has gradually gained complete acceptance without any reference to the standard model establishment. UFT88 and its acceptance as recorded in the attached survey is the best antidote to the media noise about black holes, because black holes are inferred from the completely incorrect Einstein field equation. I can record only public domain URL’s but other scientometric data such as the monthly reports show that the attached amounts to only about 5% of the total interest. It is seen that the interest exists in the best universities in the world.


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