UFT88 Consulted Again at Imperial College London

Imperial is ranked 8 in the world by QS, 9 by Times, 24 by Shanghai and 59 by Webometrics. It was chartered in 1907 and has a 7.51% acceptance rate. There is a well established ECE School of Thought at Imperial, there have been many consultations over the past fifteen years. UFT88 has been read many times from Imperial. It has probably been read many more times by staff and students using private computers which cannot be identified. Hinshelwood, Salam, Fleming, Blackett, Higgs, and Thomas Huxley are a few of those associated with Imperial. UFT88 is read frequently at the best universities in the world, and Imperial is one of those. UFT88 is so popular because it corrects the geometry on which the Einstein field equation is based, the 1902 second Bianchi identity (Caroll online notes). UFT88 gradually developed into the JCE identity of UFT313. This is completely different from the second Bianchi identity, so the Einstein field equation cannot be correct. In consequence the predictions of the Einstein field equation begin to go wildly wrong when tested rigorously enough, and it has been replaced by the powerful m theory. For example the Einstein field equation fails completely to give the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy and is wrong by an order of magnitude when considering the precession of the S2 star system. Horst Eckardt, Douglas Lindstrom myself have shown in many ways that torsion modifies geometry extensively. For example in chapter one of “Principles of ECE”. The establishment of standard physics is implicitly heavily criticized for failing to admit that the Einstein theory is obsolete. One academic was obliged to apologize after his gutter abuse of the leading scholar Stephen Crothers was reported in a newspaper. The obsolete establishment is quilty of rigging wikipedia against ECE theory, and its fringe elements are guilty of outright abuse. In consequence physics has become democratic in nature and there is no longer an anthropomorphic establishment, there is Nature.


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