Feedback for, January 2011

An eight year record of hits per month has already been established for January 2011 at 122,802, an average of about 4,000 hits a day. There were 14,830 distinct visits in January 2011, 77,812 page views, 7.419 gigabytes downloaded, 1,946 documents read from 93 countries, led by: USA, Germany, France, Brazil, Russian Federation, Britain, Ukraine, Austria, ….. The number of diary or blog visits averaged 116 a day for January 2011 (42,340 a year), and the total number of blog viewings since January 1st 2010 is 30,497. As usual a small fraction of the huge total is abstracted at the end of the attached file, consisting of identifiable universities, institutes, government departments, major corporations and US military facilities. The complete feedback since 2006 is backed up on computer and is available on request. The complete feedback will be available tomorrow. It is given on the last day of the month before the main file is overwritten. Added to this is feedback from the other ECE sites: and


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