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Book of Scientometrics Updated to August 29th 2014

August 31, 2014

This is the last day of the month so The Book of Scientometrics is updated as usual and is attached. There was the usual intense international interest, and 2,274 of the items on have been read or heard up to 29th August, from 97 countries to date in August. The blog reaches 171 countries at present. The complete returns for August 2014 will be available in a couple of days. The AWStats program show that many of these items are studied in depth, in visits lasting from about ten minutes to over an hour. The long obsolete wiki attack on ECE was essentially ignored completely in August 2014, so I feel that there is no further need even to mention it. It was crass rubbish motivated by personal animosity, and should be ignored when it comes to future prize nominations. With the complete collapse of the standard model of physics, there is not much need to mention that either. I doubt whether they can con the funding agencies out of billions of our money much longer. It looks as if “the Higgs boson” was just noise and none of the various particles predicted by string theory and so on exist. Surprise, surprise. I expect several more niminations for ECE theory to come in over the next few years and thanks again to all nominators.


Daily Report 29/8/14

August 31, 2014

There were 2506 hits from 351 distinct visits, spiders from baidu, google, MSN and yahoo. F3(Sp) 533, Auto1 440, Auto2 109, Essay25 306, Book of Scientometrics 206, UFT88 83, Evans Equations 60 numerous Spanish, Engineering Model 52, Englynion 40, UFT99 34, UFT267 31, CEFE 29, Principles of ECE 9, Autosonnets 7 to date in August 2014, no wiki referrals, AWStats unchanged. Denver University Autobiography Volume One; Georgia Institute of Technology LCR Resonant; British Library general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for August 2014

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Destruction of Large Trees

August 30, 2014

This should be prohibited by legislation. Both my neighbour Dai Thomas and myself do not wish these very beautiful oak trees to be interfered with in any way. Dai and I agree that I own both of them. Dai is 74 now and for all those 74 years he has lived in peace with the environment. For my part I remember these trees for 65 years. Suddenly a third party claims a dubious right to Dai’s land and wants to destroy the trees for no apparent reason. This is illegal, any damage to these trees will result in a heavy liability to the third party and if a tree preservation order is granted the third party could be fined very heavily, up to twenty thousand pounds on one site, unlimited fine on another. These ancient trees house much wild life, and do no harm to anyone or anything because there are no buildings they can damage. They are so tall that the branches do not interfere with anyone. They are oak trees and tremendously strong. This is just one local example of how habitat and beauty is destroyed by mindless greed for money. I was assured by Dai that the third party had already been given a share and is trying to claim ownership after being paid off. If that can be proven it is title fraud, a serious criminal offence. I prohibit any interference with these trees, because I own them. Dai Thomas does not wish them to be damaged in any way. Similarly there are very large trees in the Arboreum of Craig y Nos Castle, and it is mindless criminality even to think of damaging them.

My Support for Independence for Scotland

August 30, 2014

As a Nobel nominee and fluent Welsh speaker I support independence for Scotland, Gwyr yr Hen Ogledd, Warriors of the Old North. Their ancient lowland language was Cymric, (Cymraeg, our name for Welsh) and my ancestors were Kings of Gododdin. (Aneurin “Y Gododdin”). Their capital was Dun Edin or Edinburgh. In many ways Scotland never lost its independence. It has its own legal system and rich traditions well known all over the world. They did not bribe me to say this, but a tiny minority of them who happened to be in power were bribed in to the 1707 loss of independence (“We were bought and sold for Sasenach gold” as the song goes). I descend from Clan na Chattan (Clan of the Cat), Clan Mac Thomaidh (mac Thomas or Combie), Clan mac an Taoiseach (Mackintosh) and Clan Newlands. These were highland clans but lowland Scotland spoke Cymric and Scots, revived by my Civil List predecessor Hugh Mac Diarmaid. I trust that they will have their traditional good sense after independence to look for better energy solutions than wind turbines, but the all important thing is freedom and to use it wisely.

Application for a CADW Conservation Order

August 30, 2014

This is one thing which my old friend Dr Gareth Evans could advise upon in his capacity as Trustee. I wish to apply for a CADW order on 50 and 48 Rhyddwen Road, part of the historic Bryn Awel House now under threat and scheduled to become part of the Newlands Family Trust. I also wish to obtain CADW listing for all the chapels in Mawr, and all the schools. Gareth was successful in obtaining a listing for the Old Building of the EDCL and I helped him in that struggle against the crass materialistic greed of the incompetent and self seeking College administration after Sir Goronwy Daniel had retired in 1978. That listing also saved the New 1963 Building from demolition. They only managed to chop the centre section, large lecture theatre and library, and that was bad enough. If it were not for the actions of Gareth and myself the entire EDCL would have been flattened, probably to make a supplementary bingo hall for the pier. I have started combating the threat to Bryn Awel House with an application for a tree conservation order for its magnificent trees full of wildlife. These oaks are well over a hundred years old and a prime target for mindless “developers”. The entire Morgan Aubrey Family should apply for a Tree Conservation order for the Patti Garden and Arboreum and that entire area of Glyn Tawe. Large areas of unique woodland should be conserved, otherwise the wildife will be decimated if trees are gradually destroyed. The Family is descended from the Lords of Glyn Tawe and the Princes and has included many Armigers, Sheriffs, and lawyers. My cousin Lord Tudor Watkins was instrumental in running the famous Blaenau Brycheiniog or Brecon Beacons National Park, and I would have thought that that would have been enough to protect the trees and protect the landscape from wind turbines. Yet many rare trees in the Arboreum are threatened under completely bizarre, totally destructive “legislation”. Who allowed this to happen? Some of them were brutally chain sawed by a long haired Council Worker right before my eyes dressed in fluorescent yellow. His chain saw seemed to glow like the Hound of the Baskervilles or the eyes of a tiger. I was told to move my car, sir, otherwise I would have been chain sawed too. It is this type of thing that wrecks the very essence of culture and humanity.

PS Typo

August 30, 2014

In the previous message it should have read “younger sister”, not “younger daughter”. William Newlands had two daughters, Martha Jane and the younger Sarah Maude. The Deeds show clearly that my grandmother Martha Jane inherited everything, including the unregistered land, and sold only 48 Rhyddwen Road to Sarah Maude, my great aunt. I am appalled at the way in which four generations of possession by one of the oldest families in Mawr have been encroached upon illegally. It should be possible to claim back all of the illegally taken land. There was no legal adverse possession, this was illegal encroachment. Either there is law or there is lawlessness. I did everything I possible could to help my cousin Ellis, even to the extent of eating in to the Newlands Family Trust funds. My family always treated him well and I had the utmost respect for his parents. After the common assault his entire family and himself will not benefit from the Trust in any way. A culture and tradition are destroyed utterly by crass materialism.

Ownership of Unregistered Land South of My House

August 30, 2014

1) The attached Deeds in the care of Peter Lynn and Partners show that the land was bought freehold by my great grandfather William Newlands in 1926 from the Dyffryn Estate in fee simple.
2) The land is unregistered, I have verified this by the attached SIM search. The land has never been legally conveyed out of the Newlands Estate and has never been owned by a third party. Any claim to the contrary is false. This land cannot be sold by a third party who has no proof of ownership. That is title fraud, a serious criminal offence. There is no dispute over the ownership of this land. It is clear by the attached bundle of Deeds that I own it.
3) I have asked the Newlands Family Trust solicitor, Peter Lynn and Partners, to register it, so there is a pending first registration.
4) The land is unregistered so in property law proof of ownership resides in an unbroken chain of Deeds in my possession. No other party has this unbroken chain of Deeds. Anyone can inspect these Deeds as attached.
5) My great grandfather William Newlands died without making a Will and the administration and ownership of his Estate passed to his elder daughter, my grandmother Martha Jane Newlands, as the attached Deeds prove. Part of the Estate, a limited amount of land registered as 48 Rhyddwen Road, was conveyed legally by Martha Jane Jones nee Newlands to the younger sister of Martha Jane, Sarah Maude Hopkins nee Newlands. The rest of the Estate including the unregistered portion remained in the possession of Martha Jane Newlands. This is because the unregistered portion was never legally conveyed out of the Newlands Estate to any third party whomsoever.
6) Martha Jane Jones nee Newlands died without making a Will and her Estate was divided equally among her son, William M. Jones, and my mother Mary Evans, nee Jones. William M. Jones sold his part of it to my mother. This part includes the unregistered land because it has never been conveyed.
7) Mary Evans sold her entire Estate, including the unregistered portion, and I bought back the entire estate in 1993. The unregistered land is now legally in my possession.
8) I also own the unregistered land by hereditary right. So I have a double claim to possession.
9) No other party has a right to this land. Verbal claim of ownership by a third party is obviously not legal proof of ownership of land. Adverse possession is not possible because I own it in two ways.
10) I wish to block access to this land to stop trespass by parking by people who committed a verbal common assault and who were issued with a no contact order by the police. They were informed falsely by Mr. E. O. Williams that he owned this land. Mr Williams has left Wales and will not return. He does not own the unregistered land because he has no deed and has no hereditary right to it. His father did not own it. The land will be used for the purposes of the Newlands Family Trust, possibly a small laboratory. The blocking mechanism may consist of large stones or fixed bollards, or a strong and tall fence and gate to which I would hold the key. Interference with this mechanism is property damage, a criminal offence. I was advised to do this by Mawr Community Council.
11) Inspection of a Deed held by Mr Dai Thomas next door and over a hundred years old, shows clearly that his father’s land never overlapped with the unregistered land, which was and is part of the Newlands Estate. I have measured the Newlands Estate carefully and the results are on this blog and with the solicitor. The full extent of the original Estate is shown on the attached map. Large areas of it were encroached upon, there was never legal conveyance.
12) My grandmother allowed a garage to be built on this land but never conveyed it legally to any third party. Therefore I also own the garage.

cc Newlands Family Trust solicitor.
Mawr Community Council

Open letter: Tree Preservation Order

August 30, 2014

Mr Tony Parfitt,
Tree Conservation,
Swansea County Council.
Civic Centre,
Oystermouth Road,
SA1 3SN,

Further to my letter of today I have applied for a tree preservation order on all my trees on 50 Rhyddwen Road, and am entitled to apply for a preservation order for any tree or group of trees. I own two magnificent oaks which are under threat by a developer. So the trees have highest priority for conservation. I own all of the trees in law, roots, branches and so on. I hereby prohibit any interference with these trees or any damage to them whatsoever. The second priority is visibility. For well over a hundred years these trees have been a central feature of the access to Mountain Road of the village of Craig Cefn Parc, which is constantly under threat from over development. The third and fourth priorities are individual and wider impact respectively. These trees obviously have a high amenity value, are the home to several species of wildlife, and improve the habitat, life and well being of humans. The fifth priority is historical importance. These are among the oldest and largest oaks in the village and the whole of Mawr. It is a criminal offence to interfere in any way with a protected tree, carrying an unlimited fine.

Glyn Eithrym

(Dr. M. W. Evans, 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea, SA6 5RA )

cc international colleagues and readership of in 171 countries.

Application for a Tree Conservation Order

August 30, 2014

This is a copy of my application for a tree conservation order for the magnificent oak trees and other trees that I own in 50 Rhyddwen Road. The order if granted would conserve them against any damage. They are scheduled to become part of the Newlands Family Trust. I have started the beneficial work of the Trust in a small way but it is planned in the long term to become a major benefactor for new science, the Welsh language, culture, Welsh language schools and chapels and churches and so forth. As an indirect descendant of the industrialist Morgan Morgan, who once owned it, I am horrified at what has been done to Craig y Nos Castle, especially the mindless destruction of the magnificent avenue of trees opposite the Castle and threats to its unique and most beautiful arboreum. The ambience and beauty of the Castle has been destroyed mindlessly. Powys County Council should be pressed for tree conservation orders on all the trees in the famous arboreum and garden of the castle, which should once more become a private home to the Morgan Aubrey Family. Cederstrom takes the full share of the blame for selling off the Estate and the Government for failing to protect it. Swansea County Council was entrusted with the winter garden, the Patti Pavilion, but neglected it for many years so Patti may as well not have bothered. A new winter garden should be put up near the Castle as soon as it is back in responsible hands, and the Theatre fully restored. At present it is in a poor condition.

Glyn Eithrym

cc Trustees Newlands Family Trust


Immediate Interest in UFT269

August 30, 2014

There was an immediate spike of interest in UFT269 Sections 1 and 2 on the blog yesterday, because it is a fundamentally new advance in three dimensional orbits. There was also an immediate spike of interest the day before yesterday in co author Horst’s Eckardt’s graphics and analysis pencilled in for Section 3. The blog currently has 19,556 postings since Dec. 2006. Since 1/1/10 There have been 265,141 viewings. Since 25/2/12 these have been from 171 countries led by Britain, United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, ……. The average number of viewings a day was 75 in 2010; 112 in 2011; 195 in 2012; 196 in 2013 and 225 to date in 2014. This is a cultural blog and is my private diary, with entries on science, literature, genealogy and history. with occasional artwork. The new three dimensional orbits are works of art in their own right, and a rigorously scientific, newly discovered solution to the problem of three dimensional orbits. So many thanks again to those who helped construct the blog, notably Sean MacLachlan of Hewlett Packard in Boise, Idaho, Horst Eckardt and others. Both Sean and Horst are in “Marquis Who’s Who in the World” and their bio’s can be looked up online. Unlike Penrose and Hawking of the obsolete physics I correspond with nearly everyone, via e mail. Preferably I like to see affiliation and qualifications, but if someone is polite and sincere I correspond irrespective of qualifications. Penrose and Hawking are unable to defend their work against ECE and refuse to correspond. So that era is well and truly over. Regrettably, AIAS has no time to evaluate every theory sent to us for comment, but if something is relevant to ECE it is given consideration. AIAS is made up of volunteers and they nearly all have a full time job, so their time is limited. Douglas Lindstrom and I are able to work full time for AIAS. I am also glad to correspond on other matters covered by the blog: poetry, genealogy, history, music and art. The blog is archived by AIAS fellow Michael Jackson in Texas and then archived at the British Library in London every quarter from the National Library of Wales as part of the archiving of every quarter on, the digital archive of outstanding websites of the countries of Britain.