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Notes for UFT206

January 29, 2012

The notes for UFT206 contain some original concepts in the search for a new general relativity. Note 206(3) contains a much needed review of basics, so often lacking in the literature; notes 206(5) and 206(6) give a new equation of motion; Note 206(7) shows that the famous inverse square law of Hooke (attributed to Newton) is not unique; Note 206(8) gives the orbital equation for an unconstrained metric. Eq. (19) of note 206(9) gives a new definition of the metric that gives the same result as the general definition of note 206(10), and note 206(11) shows that Schwarzschild so called does not reduce to Newton. Several surprises and a lot of new physics. So I will proceed now to writing up UFT206.

Campaign Platform

January 29, 2012

I already have strong support for my candidacy, being well known here in Craig Cefn Parc, and will now proceed to organize a vigorous campaign with the help of many old friends who want a change. It is well known that the village of Craig Cefn Parc is grossly overdeveloped, its narrow roads almost blocked by parked cars. If elected I will implement strong measures of law and order, to prevent criminals being imported into Mawr from Swansea. The most notorious example was the multiple murderer Dai Morris, who instigated a reign of terror in Mawr. The encumbent failed to do anything until it was too late and the four brutal murders committed. Mountain Road is not in fact a private road, the Council has duty to look after it in the same way as any public road. There are lamposts and lighting there which have been there for seventy years or more and refuse is collected from there, the Council has looked after them for seventy years, so this cannot be a private road. In winter it is ungritted and very dangerous. The remarks by a claimed “coal miner” Clifford L. Jones, have been ridiculed in Craig Cefn Parc, a village in which human scrifices occur whenever there is a full moon. We are all real coal miners on the Graig.

Complaint Against Waldyr Rodrigues

January 29, 2012

Prof. Dr. Ronaldo Aloise Pilli,
Vice President for Research,

I wish to request the dismissal of one of your employees, Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr., in that he has committed vicious libel against me to third parties. Vicious libel in the law of England and Wales is defined as libel in which malice aforethought is de facto. Rodrigues wrote a letter on Unicamp notepaper describing me to third parties as mentally ill and very dangerous. This letter is reproduced on my blog. The vicious libel was repeated by a person Clifford L. Jones who works for the  Health Inspectorate Wales, and I have asked that Clifford L. Jones be dismissed for vicious libel. Under Section 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights free speech and reasoned opinion are human rights. In my opinion the Einsteinian theory of general relativity is riddled with errors and is obsolete, so much of the work of Waldyr A. Rodrigues is riddled with errors, is obsolete and obscure to the point of being useless. Irrespective of any argument of philosphy, he has committed vicious libel. I am entitled to request the British Government to make a formal diplomatic protest about Rodrigues to the Brazilian Ambassador in London. If Unicamp does not dismiss Waldyr Rodrigues I call for international condemnation of Unicamp.

Myron Evans

Prof. Myron Wyn Evans, Armiger, Scientiae Doctor,
H. M. Civil List,
Burke’s Peerage and Gentry 2011,

cc Rt. Hon. Martin Caton M. P.
Prime Minister’s Office
Welsh Government
Local Government Ombudsman for Wales


Proceeding to Write up UFT206

January 29, 2012

I will proceed to write up UFT206, which will develop general relativity in terms of the constrained metric method tested rigorously in UFT205. This will be another paper in co authorship with Dr Horst Eckardt, who is currently developing useful code based on UFT205.


January 29, 2012

This is atrocious, and deserving of worldwide condemnation.

In a message dated 29/01/2012 01:40:37 GMT Standard Time, writes:

How far are western politicians willing to go? Should we let them? Will the media look the other way?

Petition: stop plan to legalize killing of golden eagles by wind farms

Dear all,

The US government is proposing to grant a first-of-its-kind permit that would allow the developer of a central Oregon wind-power project to legally kill golden eagles. Let’s not allow the greed of big business to legalize the death of these magnificent national treasures.

Please help stop this monstrosity by signing the following petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:

“Please do not grant a permit to the developer of a central Oregon wind-power project to legally kill golden eagles.”

Will you sign this petition? Click here:

Will you pass it on?

Thank you for your concern.


Mark Duchamp
Chairman, World Council for Nature
President, Save the Eagles International
Executive Director, EPAW

Daily Report Saturday 28/1/12

January 29, 2012

There were 2,107 files downloaded (hits) from 394 distinct visits, 36.3% spiders. University of Alberta UFT166; University of Waterloo Proof5, UFT93; International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences University of Karachi India (on edu) Essay11; University of Texas UFT29; Island of Aruba near the Lesser Antilles Proof5; British Indian Ocean Territory History of Optical NMR; US Archives San Francisco extensive sweep; yandex archives Russia extensive sweep; google archives extensive sweep; Wadham College Oxford relabelling of indices. Intense feedback activity all sectors from individual computers.

Complaint against Clifford L. Jones of Healthcare Inspectorate

January 28, 2012

Public Service Ombudsman,
and Complaints Unit Welsh Government

I wish to ask for the dismissal of Clifford L. Jones of Healthcare Inspectorate Wales for cyberstalking and vicious libel. He has sent an e mail to unknown parties describing me as mentally ill and very dangerous. I attach recent medical opinion that I suffer from no psychological disorder. I have no criminal record of any kind so his description is vicious libel, i.e. libel that is so malicious that malice aforethought need not be proven. This e mail maliciously advised recipients not to have anything to do with me, and is a type of cyberstalking, in that its ultimate aim is to harass me unlawfully. One of the recipients of this e mail informed the distinguished and highly respected engineer and historian Stuart Davies  of its contents, and Stuart Davies is a witness. He provided me with Jones’s e mail address, which is coal.miner at virgin dot net. This e mail address allowed my colleagues to identify the stalker as Clifford L. Jones, O.B.E., J.P. The latter has breached medical ethics in that he has maliciously and unprofessionally attempted to denigrate my character with a false diagnosis. For such an offence a medical docor would be struck off. He has breached the ethics of government and the law for the same reason, for such an offence, a lawyer would be disbarred. I am consulting a solicitor as to an action for punitive damages aganst Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, and Clifford L. Jones and have asked the police to arrest him for cyberstalking. This is a huge scandal which will bring the Welsh Government into direpute if effective action is not taken. I am employed directly by Queen Elizabeth II as a Pensioner of the Civil List, a high honour and appointment by the Crown and Parliament, a token of the gratitude of the Nation (Great Britain) for over forty years of distinguished service to science, a high honour akin to Order of Merit. I have no criminal record, and no record of any psychiatric illness that could be construed as dangerous, otherwise I would not have been appointed a Civil List Pensioner by Act of Parliament of 2005, upon the recommendation of the Royal Society and the Prime Minister. These furtive and disgraceful allegations are the methods of a totalitarian regime and must be dealt with if the Welsh Government is to have any respect in the international arena in which I have worked all my life. For details I refer you to the blog of where this scandal is already being assessed internationally. I further charge Clifford L. Jones as having breached the ethics and confidentiality of the Employment Tribunal by taking these remarks directly from a letter by a Brazilian National, Waldyr Rodrigues, who has a protracted history of vicious libel towards me and who described me in exactly the same terms as being mentally ill and very dangerous. Recently I won compensation in an Employment Tribunal procedure after distinguished barrister’s opinion described these remarks as wild and pejorative. I then withdrew my case having won compensation and been accorded natural justice. Clifford L. Jones has repeated these wild and pejorative comments within government circles, and is in breach of the ethics of the law. He must be dismissed from his post as Justice of the Peace for false judgement such as that delivered in a totalitarian show trial. He must be dismissed from his position on the Council of University of Wales Swansea, and from his position at Morriston Hospital. Otherwise he will bring these organizations into severe and lasting disrepute. His calumny is equivalent to the methods used in the psychiatric wards of totalitarian regimes, where political prisoners are falsely alleged to be mentally ill and dangerous. Rodrigues is a Brazilian national, and Brazil, Argentina and Chile have a recent history of savage totalitarianism. I know this from my work for Amnesty International (responsible mainly for Argentina and Chile) as a volunteer trying to extract unfortunate victims from prison. Many thousands were murdered without trial. Wales is on the edge of becoming such a totalitarian state, so is not ready for independence if its internal procedures cannot right these wrongs swiftly. It is under the eyes of the international community via my infleuntial and widely read blog on

Myron Evans

Prof. Myron Wyn Evans, Armiger and Gentleman of Glyn Eithrym, Scientiae Doctor,
Burke’s Peerage and Gentry 2011,
H. M. Civil List

cc Prime Minister’s Office and Welsh Government


Enough Evidence

January 28, 2012

Thank you very much, I think that there is enough evidence for an arrest because you are regarded very highly. I am not sure whether the informant will be allowed to withhold his identity under a sub poena. However your action is greatly appreciated by the international community of science and by decent society. If nothing is done about this, the entire Welsh Government will be brought into disrepute, and will not be regarded internationally as mature enough to govern, being unable to uphold the law. I will ask Mr Caton to bring up this matter in the Commons. It is already common knowledge in Craig Cefn Parc here, where Mr Jones is dismissed with total contempt. I will now proceed to make separate complaints to all the organizations with which Jones is associated.

bcc Prime Minister’s Office, Welsh Government

In a message dated 28/01/2012 16:39:36 GMT Standard Time,  writes:

I assured my informant that I would not divulge my source in order that he be protected from divulging information provided to him ‘in strictest confidence’. He has I believe deleted the email when I advised him as to how to seriously I viewed the issue of it.

Stuart Davies
Subject: Stalker Identified

Diolch yn fawr iawn i Gari Owen. Many thanks to Gari Owen, Ministry of Defence (retired). The person who circulated a strictly confidential e mail with vicious libel is Cliff Jones, an independent member of Healthcare Inspectorate Wales. Evidence for this may be given in court by the distinguished historian Stuart Davies. I was viciously libelled as “mentally ill” and “very dangerous” and recipients of the vicious libel were told not to have anything to do with me. All of this has been proven to be untrue. I request the police to arrest this person for cyberstalking and demand his immediate dismissal. Attached is a doctor’s letter stating that I suffer from no psychological disorder. Cliff Jones has never met me. His actions are grossly unethical and I request his immediate dismissal from Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, and his prosecution by the South Wales Police. This is a major scandal because this organization is connected with the Welsh Government itself. I will consult a solicitor with a view to opening a case for punitive damages against Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and request that the Local Government Ombudsman open an investigation of this local government organization. Health records are strictly confidential but I am making available the attached doctor’s letter. I am employed directly by Queen Elizabeth II as a Pensioner of the Civil List, appointed by an Act of Parliament of 2005 with the Royal Assent. So this vicious libel is also contempt of Crown and Parliament. This appointment is a British high honour, rarely awarded. I demand that Healthcare Inspectorate Wales issue an apology to AIAS, my family and myself and that it cooperate with the police by giving the police a copy of this e mail. I was made aware of the exietnce of this vicious libel by Stuart Davies, who will, I am sure, provide the police with all the necessary information, notably the full name and address of the person who verbally informed Stuart Davies of the existence of this e mail. I suggest that congratulations are in order upon my high honour and appointment.

cc Right Hon. Martin Caton, M. P. Gower,
Right Hon. Edwina Hart, A. M. Gower
Local Government Ombudsman for Wales
Welsh Government

In a message dated 28/01/2012 09:18:00 GMT Standard Time, annwvyn76 writes:

This e-mail address can readily be traced to the participant list of this Swansea -based organisation:…/wellbeing-board-membership.docSimilar
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Healthcare Inspectorate Wales. Peter.Higson. Cliff Jones. Independent Member. Coal.miner……


Defamatory email.

January 28, 2012

So on the “circulation named prior to him” , i.e. prior to your informant, there must appear some well known names, who are thereby compounding a felony unless they denounce Clifford L. Jones as a person who has repeated wild pejury. I assume that they are all expert psychologists and able to diagnose instantly at a distance, without seeing the patient at all. Is this the kind of government we have in Wales?

In a message dated 24/01/2012 11:08:02 GMT Standard Timewrites:

I have been advised verbally that coal.miner has been sending out an email marked STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL in which he describes you as very dangerous and advises people not to have anything to do with you.

He will not send me a copy because of the circulation named prior to him, so I suggest that you send an email to the above address and ask him whatever. You are mentally sick apparently.

It might well be your old friend.

Stuart Davies

206(11): Another Refutation of Einstein’s GR

January 28, 2012

This is another refutation of Einstein’s general relativity, a note in which it is shown that the theory reduces to Newton’s theory of orbits if and only if there is no orbit, a reduction to absurdity. In previous work it has been shown that the eqiation (1) does not produce a precessing ellipse, so the Einstein theory is in tatters and should be abandoned.