Desecration of Mynydd y Gwair / SOCME update July 2016

It is possible to appeal to the Courts in a class action organized throughout Gw^yr or Gower on the grounds of gross environmental damage and violation of human rights. This is an example of mindless electoral dictatorship, so it is legitimate to use all legal resistance methods to makes sure that if these turbines are built, they will not be there for very long. This is only the start of the fight against these symbols of ugly, lazy minded despotism and bloated and remote capitalism. The Trade Union movement could organize a general strike against all wind turbines, continuous strike action and work to rule, refusal to transport them, refusal to maintain them, and so on. If a semi autonomous Government were established in Mawr as a Bro Iaith, the turbines would be demolished as quickly as possible, and the bill sent to the Welsh Assembly and the almost bankrupt developers. I took part in a protest with Sia^n Ifan and Gethin ap Gruffudd of Llysgenhadaeth Owain Glyndw^r against Betws for example. A massive protest could be launched on Mynydd y Gwair as the turbines come in. This Welsh Assembly minister is only an over promoted minor bureaucrat who knows no science and makes gross scientific errors. It may have been this minister who said that the complete obliteration of a Welsh speaking way of life would provide electricity for thousands of English speaking homes. The truth is that it will only supply a tiny and wildly fluctuating fraction of electricity for thousands of homes. With ministers like that, who needs disaster? (New York is my adopted State after all.) This is a wildly stupid error of policy, especially when the answer is a thirty foot tide only four miles away. The entire community of Mawr is being used as a doormat by people who do not know what they are doing and who are being driven by capitalist lobbyists. My ancestral cousin Owain Glyndw^r would have described this as a betrayal (Brad Mynydd y Gwair). He specialized in reducing castles to rubble. With wind turbines one does not have to do anything, just wait a few years and they will reduce themselves to rubble. So the pristine beauty of our own heritage in Mawr (which is five or six thousand years old) will be reduced to a junkyard. This has already happened to thirty thousand turbines in California. This is such grotesque malfeasance that it is a violation of human rights, and can be challenged legally on those grounds in the County Court in Swansea with an emergency injunction – the right to language, to way of life, the right to self determination of unique communities, and the right to environment, or as my distant cousin Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. So if SOCME organizes this injunction I will support them. Many such injunctions could be filed continuously all over Wales.

Myron Evans

Arglywdd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr, Lord of Glyn Tawe and Gower.

(Dr. M . W. Evans. gent. Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)

Sent: 29/07/2016 14:25:36 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Mynydd y Gwair / SOCME update July 2016

The outcome of the third public inquiry and related documents can be found here:

SOCME issued the following press statement on 21 July 2016:

“SOCME together with the whole Community is saddened to hear of the Minister’s decision to grant common land permissions for the Mynydd y Gwair wind farm. The decision comes despite the Minister noting in a decision letter that “The Inspector concluded that the wind farm would be detrimental to the appearance of the commons and the majority of the people’s enjoyment of them”.

What will be lost is hard to comprehend;

A living, working landscape LOST under tonnes of stone, concrete & steel

The hefting system for the commoners livestock – LOST

The sense of enjoyment for walkers experiencing the wide open space of Mynydd y Gwair – LOST

The wildlife habitat – LOST

For what ? Just to produce a small insignificant percentage of power – SCANDALOUS

This decision has been reached in the same week as press speculation that RWE may face bankruptcy. We also note that the Inspector’s report pre dates the recent EU referendum and the current speculation concerning RWE’s financial position.

SOCME will take time to examine the decision in detail before commenting further”

Glyn, as chairman of SOCME, has arranged a SOCME meeting at Felindre Hall on Sunday the 31st of July 2016 at 7:00pm.
The purpose is to touch base with everyone and go through the report and explain and try and answer some queries. We do hope also to come to some agreement on the next steps forward, if any, in this battle to save Mynydd y Gwair. The meeting is not a public meeting, but is open to all our inquiry witnesses and interested parties and of course SOCME members.

Apologies for the short notice but we need to move quickly if we decide to challenge this decision.

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