Irregularities in Planning Application 2016 / 0835, 10 Mountain Road

I have made further objections to this planning application on the grounds of procedural irregularity and breach of confidentiality, in that a member of the planning committee with local knowledge leaked the application to a South Wales Evening Post reporter. I replied in the newspaper and made a very good impression. This member has subsequently resigned from the planning committee of Swansea County Council. It is inconceivable that the South Wales Evening Post picked up my objection at random. Therefore the application is null and void, as well as very damaging to the Welsh language. I have also made a legal objection on the grounds of proprietal estopel. This development, and any further development in Mawr, will be very damaging to the Welsh language because so few people speak Welsh now in Mawr, and do not have the means to buy houses coming on the market. They cannot afford a deposit on the mortgage. So all houses put on the primitive capitalist market will be bought by outsiders, with the result that the language will become extinct very quickly. In view of this no one who really supports the language can ever support development. The deliberate destruction of a language is a gross violation of human rights. The same is true of Capel Gerazim and all chapels in Mawr. They are all Welsh speaking. This is a historic Dissenter community with no churches, it is unique, and the Bro Iaith would protect the entire area. Obviously, the Welsh Assembly is an agent of windy capitalism. No one on the Swansea Councils has much knowledge of Welsh, most have none at all. I have been told by Jason Phelps of Radio Wales that my interview with him will be broadcast. Can it be syndicated to my website We can post it on

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