FOR POSTING: Scientometrics May 2002 to May 2017

This is the fifteenth anniversary of these famous scientometrics, detailed computerized feedback data for and This is the most meticulous record ever made of a new paradigm shift in natural philosophy, sweeping away the bad parts of the standard model – the post Einsteinian paradigm shift. For example there are eighty three refutations of the Einsteinian general relativity (EGR), refutations of electroweak theory, Higgs boson theory, Heisenberg indeterminacy, the massless photon, quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, Maxwell Heaviside field theory, nuclear strong and weak field theory and very much else. So the standard model is thoroughly obsolete. Physics has been unified by geometry. All of these refutations have been accepted by a vast readership, without genuine criticism, by the overwhelming majority of the colleagues worldwide, and the work has been recognized by several British State honours and academic nominations for the major prizes: the Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize, Milner award, and so on, over fifty nominations in total. A new and highly efficient open access system of education and research publication has been established, so we teach simultaneously in all the world’s best universities, institutes and similar. The energy problem has been solved using energy from spacetime and low energy nuclear reactors, now understood theoretically using ECE and ECE2. It is a matter of implementing the technology. We are currently working on counter gravitation. The vast readership of ECE and ECE2 has generated over twenty two million hits in these fifteen years. It is made up of about 2% in universities, institutes and similar and 98% in other walks of life. This great paradigm shift will permanently change physics, the scientometrics show an intense and sustained interest over fifteen years.


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