Wind 1.82% , 1 – 19 mph 0725 local time

Today 28 out of 31 met office wind areas are at 8 mph or below, meaning 31,613 turbines producing nothing at all. The wind is below 8 mph today over the whole of Wales, meaning that none of the disgustingly ugly wind turbines in Wales are producing any power, and are being paid for by taxation which is uselessly converted into subsidies. As a result the economy is being constantly dragged into recession. The average contribution of wind over the past two months or more must be around 5%, wildly fluctuating, and forcing coal and gas to fluctuate wildly too, in order to keep the grid stable. I will calculate the average soon. The figures are all on my blog every day. Subsidies are 1.1 billion a year, and as they are dumped by a near bankrupt government, many wind companies will be bankrupted in turn, and Directors suspended and hopefully fined. This is what should happen to the company that is trying to obliterate Mynydd y Gwair in the face of heavy opposition. The fight for Mynydd y Gwair and democracy itself is only just beginning, because what is at stake is democracy itself. The wind lobby is equivalent to a dictatorship which must be overthrown. I would say that so called “County Councillors” are also dictators, many are elected by only about 15 – 20% of those eligible to vote, and turn out to be self seekers. If there were democracy, a local referendum would throw out mynydd y Gwair immediately, and have Betws demolished as being useless deception forced through by lobbyists in London. Finally a class action injunction should be organized immediately to stop Mynydd y Gwair – it is a violation of human rights laws and environmental laws. It makes a cynical mockery of the ancient commonland laws. Any one who tries to overthrow democracy must be opposed by the People. UNESCO and the UN could be approached in protest at this coup d’etat by the wind lobbyists. I have worked for the Nobel Peace Prize winning group Amnesty International, and that could also be approached in protest at the violation of human rights. I used to work to get political prisoners out of jail. Very soon that kind of dictatorship will appear in Wales if UKIP is not banned.

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