Discussion of UFT352, Corrigendum of Typo in Eq. (27) and Scheme of Computation

July 23, 2016

Many thanks! Agreed with the corrigendum and the scheme of computation and animation looks very interesting, especially if the theory could be compared directly with data from Osamu Ide. Also, pure computational results would be very interesting because they would show flows and turbulence for various boundary conditions. This would be equivalent to a computer simulation.

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In eq.(27), last term of first line, there should be a plus sign and a time derivative, has been corrected in (28).
An explicit form of (39) for the first component (my=0) has not been written out but can be derived from rho_circuit.

What about the following procedure for computing e-m fields from the aether flow v:

1. solve the flow problem for v
2. compute q_F by (3) and rho_vac by (11)
3. compute electric potential phi_W by (25) assuming div(W)=0
4. compute electric field by E = – grad(phi_W) (eq. (18) without W)

This seems particularly appropriate in case of static problems.
If a magnetic field is required, the procedure is a bit more complicated:

1. compute J_F by (10) and J_vac by (12)
2. compute W by (30) where J_vac is used on the RHS
3. compute magnetic induction by (17)

Alternatively, one could solve the MH-like equations (20) and (22) directly with vacuum current on the RHS. Then the solution is fully time-dependent by definition and computation of potentials is avoided. Thus the aether problem is reduced to computing a (time-dependent) vacuum current density and all electrical properties follow.


Am 22.07.2016 um 14:07 schrieb EMyrone:

This paper gives a scheme for computation and animation of E and B induced in a circuit by the velocity field of the vacuum, spacetime, or aether of fluid electrodynamics.

Wind 0.64%, 1 – 8 mph, 0748 local time

July 23, 2016

Wind has collapsed completely today because wind speed throughout the British Isles is below 8 mph, so the 35,000 wind turbines are producing nothing at all. This is a variation on Llareggub by Dylan Thomas, read backwards. My method (see this blog over the past two months or so) is one scientific way out of very many of showing that wind turbines are worse than useless. There is intense outrage in Mawr today because some faceless and brainless Assembly Minister in remotest Cardiff has stated that the Mynydd y Gwair turbines are enough for so many thousands of houses. This is regurgitated hogwash, today they are enough for 0.64% of the needs of so many thousands of houses. The Assembly is out dated, there is no AM or Minister who knows any science and they adhere to long forgotten dogma. It is as if they were paid by the wind industry. The European Union quota is no longer relevant. So the Dissenters of Mawr reject the false authority of remote vandals. The Assembly at present is an obedient servant of the Duke of Beaufort. A Bro Iaith Government of Mawr would demolish the turbines immediately and ask for tens of millions in compensation for environmental damage. The reservoirs in Mawr would be used for hydroelectricity. That REALLY would be enough for all of Mawr’s electricity needs.

Daily Report 21/7/16

July 23, 2016

The equivalent of 184,835 printed pages was downloaded during the day (673.910 megabytes) from 2,898 downloaded memory files (hits) and 560 distinct visits each averaging 5.1 memory pages and 19 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio for the day of 63.78, main spiders cnsat(China), google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 1282, Top ten items 1106, Collected Evans / Morris 693(est), Collected scientometrics 516, Principles of ECE 260, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 216, Collected proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 178, Autobiography volumes one and two 177, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 161, F3(Sp) 144, PECE 112, Engineering Model 108, Evans Equations 89, CEFE 77, Self charging inverter 40, UFT321 32, Llais 30, UFT311 23, List of Prolific Authors 20, Three World Records by MWE 17, Lindstrom Idaho Lecture 16, UFT313 28, UFT314 20, UFT315 35, UFT316 23, UFT317 36, UFT318 56, UFT319 41, UFT320 31, UFT322 36, UFT323 18, UFT324 39, UFT325 38, UFT326 36, UFT327 24, UFT328 27, UFT329 37, UFT330 29, UFT331 25, UFT332 29, UFT333 30, UFT334 34, UFT335 22, UFT336 26, UFT337 23, UFT338 17, UFT339 22, UFT340 24, UFT341 32, UFT342 21, UFT343 36, UFT344 39, UFT345 57, UFT346 95, UFT347 44, UFT348 48, UFT349 64, UFT351 40 to date in July 2016. Civil Engineering Federal University of Parana Brazil UFT141(Sp); University of Oldenburg UFT2; Physics National Autonomous University of Mexico My CV; University of Edinburgh H Bonding; University of Warwick general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for July 2016.

Englyn – Marwnad Gerazim

July 22, 2016

I will follow up the sonnet with an englyn – Marwnad Gerazim, Elegy for Gerazim. I assume that the radio Wales broadcast has gone out by now, in a Bro Iaith all mindless destruction by development would be prohibited. Gerazim or Gerizim is a Hebrew word in the manner of the Dissenters of Mawr, for whom nothing stood between scripture and the reader. We dissent from all false authority. The sonnet is influenced by W. B. Yeats “The Ghost of Roger Casement” and R. S. Thomas’ “exigency of the machine”.

Sonnet on the Desecration of Gerazim

July 22, 2016

Sold in a drinking house, desolate dusk,
Descending darkness, veil the end of day;
The sun has turned and turned on hope and lives
Who chose this ground to greet the dawn of thought.
The dark chapel turns on a potter’s wheel,
Pieces of silver from a foreign auction
Are scattered on the grave stones, drops of rain.
The potter and the congregation dwell
Together, the potter turns the hour,
The silvered eyes of Judas hung on time,
Pieces gathered in material frenzy,
The detritus of the arid machine.
What is that beating on the chapel door?
The ghostly risen dead in fury roar!

FOR POSTING: UFT352 Sections 1 and 2 and Background Notes

July 22, 2016

This paper gives a scheme for computation and animation of E and B induced in a circuit by the velocity field of the vacuum, spacetime, or aether of fluid electrodynamics.









Writing Up UFT352

July 22, 2016

I will write up UFT352 today, Sections 1 and 2 as usual, and acknowledge flow code input from Doug Lindstrom and Den Davis. As is well known, AIAS / UPITEC has a vast and steady international readership, and it is important to study the daily reports and scientometrics. UFT346 is currently very popular: “A General Theory of Precessions in Terms of Cartan Geometry”, with incisive graphics by co author Horst Eckardt in Section 3. The two fluid electrodynamical papers to date are already popular (UFT349 and UFT351). The most popular book now is “The Principles of ECE”. It is a good sign of health that the latest work is very popular. AIAS / UPITEC publishing is so powerful that no book publisher can compete. I have set aside enough funds to produce a few softback copies of the typeset PECE. We await chapter nine from Stephen Crothers and it will go to press. Some annual rates of reading from combined sites www.aias.us and www.upitec.org are as follows:

1) Collected ECE2 : 35,420 times a year.
2) Principles of ECE: 7,183 times a year.
3) PECE (typeset) : 3,738 times a year.
4) UFT346 : 2,686 times a year.
5) UFT349 : 1,840 times a year.

“Principles of ECE” consists of PECE, UFT281 – UFT288, a zipped file, UFT350, and UFT350 (Spanish).

Wind 2.55% , 0 – 10 mph, 0742 local time

July 22, 2016

Today 80.65% of 35,000 turbines are producing essentially nothing because the wind speed in 25 out of 31 met office wind speed areas is at 8 mph or below. Therefore work on the demolition of all publicly funded wind turbines should begin as soon as possible. Support for hydroelectricity is growing strength. Four or five large tidal lagoons in the 30 foot tide of the Bristol channel would produce about 40 gigawatts, enough for the entire demand of the countries of Britain. There would be myriads of other smaller hydroelectric schemes, using the sea, because rivers in the countries of Britain are too small in general. I have never seen anything as pathetic as wind turbines. Nixon and Hendy drifts would turn out more power than thousands of turbines. Their high quality steam coal was exported – a real economy. Wind turbines are imported at huge expense and do nothing effective.

Daily Report 20/7/16

July 22, 2016

The equivalent of 125,159 printed pages was downloaded during the day (456.330 megabytes) from 2,392 downloaded memory files (hits) and 549 distinct visits each averaging 3.3 memory pages and 12 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 52.32 for the day, main spiders cnast(China), google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 1213, Top ten 1036, Collected Evans / Morris 660, Collected scientometrics 506, Principles of ECE 246, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 195, Autobiography volumes one and two 171, Collected Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 170, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 170, F3(Sp) 134, PECE 111, Engineering Model 103, Evans Equations 73, CEFE 73, Self charging inverter 37, UFT321 30, Llais 30, UFT311 22, List of prolific authors 17(est), Three world records by MWE 16, Lindstrom Idaho lecture 16, UFT313 25, UFT314 18, UFT315 34, UFT316 22, UFT317 31, UFT318 54, UFT319 36, UFT320 30, UFT322 32, UFT323 17, UFT324 36, UFT325 36, UFT326 30, UFT327 22, UFT328 27, UFT329 35, UFT330 29, UFT331 22, UFT332 26, UFT333 26, UFT334 32, UFT335 21, UFT336 24, UFT337 23, UFT338 17, UFT339 22, UFT340 23, UFT341 28, UFT342 20, UFT343 24, UFT344 39, UFT345 57, UFT346 92, UFT347 44, UFT348 48, UFT349 63, UFT351 36 to date in July 2016. University of Giessen UFT42; University of Barcelona (on edu) levitron, Physics National Autonomous University of Mexico general; Department of Science and Technology University of Linkoeping Sweden Evans Equations, UFT16; Institute of High Energy Physics Protvino Russia general; University of Edinburgh UFT141, UFT143. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for July 2016.

Emergency Injunction to Prohibit the Sale of Gerazim

July 21, 2016

I cannot afford to buy the chapel completely on my own, and it is deeply against my principles to buy consecrated ground, especially Baptist ground, as if it were a box of persil in tesco. I would simply be out bid by some rich person who cares nothing about the traditions of intellectual Welsh speaking Wales. However I am prepared to help financially with an emergency injunction taken out by many people on the grounds of breach of Covenant. This can be filed at County Court in Swansea. Personally I find this sale to be utterly outrageous, there are grounds for righteous indignation. I plan to use funds to help AIAS / UPITEC and to build up capital for the Newlands Family Trust over the long term (120 years in the first instance). I find the sale of pews and even the chapel stone to be sickening. All of this would be prohibited in a Bro Iaith. The same goes for churches.


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