Accumulating Nominations

December 7, 2016

Many thanks for this and fully agreed. We think in the same way as students of Mansel Davies, scholarship is the only thing worth doing. However he was also keen on fairness. Nominations for the 2017 Prize are now closed, similarly for the Wolf Prize. So I will look up deadlines and make a note of them. If any one looks promising I will let you know. There is a lot to add to the list of achievements. I think that I have produced about ten times more work than Hawking, who was given the Prize without application by a small group of friends that included Weinberg, they are all standard modellers of course. They are so arrogant now that they assert that anything that is not string theory is not physics. If that were true, there would be no Baconian physics at all. Weinberg’s electroweak theory has been shredded without objection in UFT225, so it is obsolete. Stephen Crothers and the rest of AIAS have shredded Hawking’s work many times over, so have many other groups. Hawking is just an Idol of the Cave. So it seems that Mr Rajpal was just sending me information on the Milner Prize. The AIAS Fellows could look for deadlines of some prizes. String theory is shredded in CEFE, again without objection.

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Subj: Re: Accumulating Nominations

The real prize is making the massive contributions that you have made and on merit you deserve everyone of the awards on offer.

We can try Milner again but I do not understand how these awards are made – there is no feed back and I doubt that some individuals like Hawking even actually applied. His was probably a name that they considered would help their own cause. I do not know who most of the current winners are – some are obscure string theorists as you point out.

Do we know when the closing date is? I have no problem in nominating again but am resigned to disappointed for you as far as Milner is concerned. One day AIAS must set up its own prizes that would be awarded fairly and on merit and open to scrutiny.

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Wind 15.92%, 3 – 34 mph. Wales 7 – 34 mph, 0711 local time

December 7, 2016

The wind speed over the Betws area now is 7 mph to the north west, according to the met office wind map. The wind speed of 34 mph is the highest I have recorded in Wales in about six months and is off the coast of Gwynedd. So there is a storm and for the first time in almost a week, the wind turbine percentage is greater than 10% for Britain as a whole. This is wholly inadequate to meet demand. In contrast UFT364 on the replication of the Ide circuit, shows signs of being a classic paper, indicating that energy from spacetime is feasible and economical, clean and free from pollution. This is an exact replication and rigorously scientific. Wind turbines are an unscientific scam.

Daily Report 5/12/16

December 7, 2016

The equivalent of 91,492 printed pages was downloaded during the day (333.580 megabytes) from 2,404 downloaded memory files and 444 distinct visits, each averaging 4.4 memory pages and 9 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio for the day of 38.06, main spiders google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 263, Top ten items 260, Evans / Morris 165, Collected scientometrics 108, Principles of ECE 53, F3(Sp) 48, Collected Eckart / Lindstrom 45, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 31, Autobiography volumes one and two 27, UFT88 23, Evans Equations 23, PECE 16, UFT311 13, Llais 11, UFT321 11, CEFE 9, Self charging inverter 7, PLENR 6, Three world records by MWE 1, UFT313 5, UFT314 4, UFT315 5, UFT316 5, UFT317 4, UFT318 4, UFT 319 2, UFT320 4, UFT322 5, UFT323 3, UFT324 9, UFT325 5, UFT326 8, UFT327 5, UFT328 4, UFT329 6, UFT330 6, UFT331 8, UFT332 9, UFT333 7, UFT334 5, UFT335 9, UFT336 8, UFT337 2, UFT338 1, UFT339 3, UFT340 4, UFT341 7, UFT342 4, UFT343 5, UFT344 5, UFT345 4, UFT346 6, UFT347 7, UFT348 3, UFT349 4, UFT351 1, UFT352 3, UFT353 2, UFT354 7, UFT355 6, UFT356 5, UFT357 6, UFT358 3, UFT359 3, UFT360 2, UFT361 4, UFT362 10, UFT364 24 to date in December 2016. City of Winnipeg UFT364, ECE Devices, European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) UFT57; Privacy Foundation Switzerland general; University of Muenster UFT239, UFT242; New York University UFT213; Mexican National Library of Science and Technology, National Polytechnic Institute Circuit resonance parameters; Mexican National Electoral Institute F3(Sp); Royal Society of Chemistry Self charging inverter and Ide papers; Moscow Technological University Physical and Technology Institute general; University of Ankara UFT347. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for December 2016.

Accumulating Nominations

December 6, 2016

I should explain that my aim, oft stated, is to build up nominations on behalf of avant garde science, and not myself, and I am most grateful to all nominators and supporters. There are already many nominations, and these are being recorded by Marquis. I will update the attached list of achievements and a future nominator may use this with minimum effort on his part. Similarly I am always prepared to nominate other Fellows if they wish to be nominated. I am not prepared to recognize the existence of a closed shop, or a club, even though everyone knows that such a club exists. My Ph. D. supervisor, Professor Emeritus Mansel Davies, described the Nobel Prize process as a club like any other, but in fact, I am not sceptical (or cynical) to that extent. I have already been appointed directly by Elizabeth II as a Civil List Pensioner, a high State honour, taking precedence over academic honours. Once again, many thanks to all concerned. I assume that if people point out the existence of prizes to me, as they often do, they wish me to be nominated. If this is not the case, please clarify their intentions. Nominators should stand back from the process, so they do not become angry or disappointed as they are quite justified in feeling. There are many kinds of gross injustice in a decadent contemporay society, but corruption and injustice must never be accepted, otherwise there is only barbarism.


Preliminary Dating at Llan Ilid

December 6, 2016

This looks like definitive evidence. Can DNA analysis be applied, and if so with what accuracy? As a historical scholar I am always wary of mythology, true genealogy is backed up by data for every generation. Near those yew trees there may be artifacts that show traces of Christianity. I have a habit of looking up many sites and cross checking them, both in science and other fields. Eurgain may have been named Eurgain Wladys, meaning that she was a Princess, daughter of Caradog . Similarly Magnus Maximus was Macsen Wledig (Wledig is the masculine form of Wladys, coming from “gwlad” meaning “country”). I have come across one or two archaeological sites, an accurate and scientific analysis is needed, using layers as usual. I will see what I can do, but can’t promise anything. The evidence for the existence of Eurgain resides in Iolo Morganwg’s “lost manuscript”, the equally lost manuscripts of Prince Iestyn ap Gwrgan, and legend. Gwladys is mentioned as Claudia Britannica in one source, she married Rufus Pudens and stayed in Rome, where she died about 97 A. D. St Peter is the definitive source for Linus. Claudia is mentioned in St. Paul’s letter to Timotheus, and in Romans.

Preliminary Dating at Llan Ilid

Dear Myron,

Well I’ve just put Allen ​on the train back to Oxford. We spent this morning counting rings on some 20 samples we collected from the big male yew at Llanilid, which I believe was planted by Joseph of Arimathea.

It seems there was a misunderstanding of some sort as I was surprised to hear Allen say at yours that he could date the yew to within 5 years as we know that is not possible but I asked him to clarify what he was saying when we were there and I’m sure he said yes!! (Do you remember this part of the conversation?) Anyway it is not true and Allen was annoyed that I said he had said that. So sorry about that, a yew cannot be dated within 5 years unless we have a known planting date. However the news is good anyway.

Allen dated the yew, based on ring counts and a number of other factors such as the size of the tree, the site it’s on and the hollowness and decay, to between 1800 and 2,300 years old and says the likelihood is it is somewhere in the middle which of course covers the period when Joseph of Arimathea would have arrived at Llanilid, so that is good enough for our purposes and means that our next book will happen! It could have turned out to have been around 1500 years which many of the yews are, having been planted by saints at a particular period when that was going on and in that case it would have been a non starter in terms of interest to us as the tree of Life is the most important thing as far as we are concerned and the possibility of tracing it. In terms of rarity there are just 23 yews in Wales in this category.

It is a shame we can’t trace what happened to those 2 lead coffins that were discovered at Llanilid during excavations. We could really do with some help on that. Also whatever you can do in terms of finding someone who could get interested in doing a dig to find and date artefacts at Cor Eurgain would be extremely helpful.

I know of a few sites where there are a circle of yews all planted at the same date. The ones that spring to mind are Penpont, near Brecon and a disused church whose name I can’t remember near Llandegai. There ar other circles such as Llanelly )near Abergavenny) where there was a complete circle but where some of the tree have gone and other yews planted to take their place, so they are different ages. Also at Garthbrengy near Brecon there were originally 33 Yews and now there are only 23 but many of these at least on the south side are a similar age.

As a general rule, the Celts planted yews on the path of the sun (east and west sides of the burial mound), Neolithic people planted the yews on the north, Saxons on the south and south west, IN Roman times, on the south east and the Normans planted on the 4 corners. I wouldn’t say many yews are over 4 thousand years old. This is quite a rarity. In Wales and the borders there are perhaps 5 yews of this age and over – Defynnog, Discoed, Llangernyw, Bettws Newydd and Linton. I wouldn’t take this new age website – white dragon, as gospel! Its not factual, serious or scientific but fanciful and mythical and while these things are all interesting they are not in the same category.

I am collecting together some or the papers we have on Llanilid which will interest you and will send these onto you next.

All good wishes,

On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 11:38 AM, <EMyrone> wrote:

Many thanks, it was an honour to meet both of you. The tree may well date to 37 A. D. plus or minus something, when Ilid or Joseph of Arimathea is said to have arrived with disciples. Then DNA can be applied, and techniques to find metal or stone artifacts in Cor Eurgain and surroundings. I will certainly try to interest archaelogists in this. Before 37 A. D. Ilid was a trader and would have learned British Celtic to be able to converse. If it was planted by Romans as you mentioned, the preliminary dating of 1,800 years might be consistent with a Roman occupation that started when they arrived in the Silurian territory, that would be from 43 A.D. (Claudian invasion) to 51 A. D. (when Caradog was betrayed and captured) My direct ancestor Caradog (Caratacus) was captured in 51 A. D. They Romans may have planted the tree after 150 years or so of occupation. In my opinion what is needed is a definitively Christian artifact dating to the foundation of Cor Eurgain as a Christian rather than a Druidical place for assembly. This would fix the exact date at which the Druids accepted Christianity in that locality. This may be a metal artifact of some kind or similar. It would have been a dangerous time for both Christians and Druids, the Romans made an attempt to get rid of the Druids in Mo^n or Anglesey as you know. I googled up “yew trees in an oval or circle” and found a site which mentioned that the trees were planted in a circle or ellipse around a central building. I also saw mention of yew tree carvings and that many yew trees in Britain are over four thousand years old, your discovery at Defynnog being the oldest yet known. I can write with confidence that the genealogy back to Caradog is historical. So his father Bran was historical and an exact contemporary of Ilid. So I can support your excellent work with genealogy.

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​Dear Myron, Thanks for your email and attachments. Both Allen and I were absolutely delighted to meet and talk with you. I have long wondered if we would ever trace you, the person who shared a recognition of the yew at Defynnog with us.

I very much hope and feel that we will be involved again with a project, this time of course with Llanilid. I feel that between us we will be able to bring Llanilid the recognition it deserves.

We went to Llanilid yesterday actually and Allen brought back wood from the yew tree which we will analyse for age tomorrow and I will let you know the outcome. Fingers crossed. At the moment Allen is guessing the tree is 1800 years old. I’m hoping it might be a little older!
We had a long chat with the farmer who lives opposite the entrance to the site, who was really lovely, was interested in what we were doing and said he hoped Llanilid would come to life again! He told us there was a film co. setting up where the open cast had been and which has now finished. It is called Red Dragon Films.
It would be marvellous if we could collaborate over Llanilid and I am hoping you’ll be able to engage the interest of archaeologists to investigate the Cor

I was honoured to know Tony Conran who was a great and brilliant man, a lover of ferns, who had a wonderful garden of ferns, rhododendrons and azaleas. I often stayed with him and his wife who was my friend at university. He had a great sense of humour and he inspired me in many ways. I have known your cousin Carole for a long time and we both taught for Swansea university. It is always good when you find there are several connections with someone.

Thankyou for your hospitality and all the nice things you said about us! We are very glad to have met you at last.
I’ll shall be in touch again shortly,

All good wishes,

On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 6:10 PM, <EMyrone> wrote:

It was most pleasant to make your acquaintance, and I will support your excellent work with genealogy. It is all on . Carole Hopkin is my cousin in two ways, on the Morgan side and Hopkin side, and Mary Hopkin and I were in Pontardawe Grammar School for six years (1961 – 1967). Mary is a few days older than me, which means that she is over eighteen. I will read your books with great interest. I think that a yew tree dating at Cor Eurgain might determine its year of planting as mid first century, and I will certainly try to have an excavation started of the mound called Cor Eurgain. Her sister was Claudia Britannica and she was adopted by Claudius. Llanilltud Fawr was in the time of Theodosius (Tewdos to the ancient Britons), about 350 years later. My blog on contains all the research I have done on Lleyn ap Caradog, Pope St Linus. The source for Lleyn ap Caradog being Linus is St. Peter, as on my blog. Congratulations on hitting the headlines with the Defynnog dating, very well deserved. You may well get into the headlines again at Llan Ilid, the acknowledged source of Christianity in Britain, and then Ireland. In modern Welsh “Israelite” is “Iddew”, but it may well have been Ilid two thousand years ago, and of course he was St Joseph of Arimathea, uncle of St. Mary. I agree that Cor Eurgain is Druidical, and I was impressed by the depth and sincerityof scholarship of Allen Meredith and yourself. I am grateful for those who put my name in the church at Defynnog, this is a great honour. On my late father’s side I come from a long line of churchgoers, on my late mother’s side from Bedyddwyr. It was also very interesting to hear that you were taught by Anthony Conran, a poet I much admire. He translated “Pais Dinogad” as described on my blog. Attached is my descent from King Cyllin ap Caradog, brother of Lleyn, Eurgain and Gladys (Claudia). Linus is mentioned in Timothy and Romans.

Copied to Carole Hopkin

Typo : “I cannot accept the idea of a closed shop”

December 6, 2016

I have fixed this typo on the blog. I came across a closed shop when I was working in the press shop of Aladdin factory in Pontardawe. I was told in a menacing way to produce less work, because I was showing up the regulars. We must not let this cynical and worthless anthropomorphism infringe on the great success of our science.

Breakthrough Prize – Physics World – Institute of Physics

December 6, 2016

It is well known that the obsolete string theorists control the big prizes. I am fully aware of that as the intellectual leader of the avant garde physics. Our scientometrics show that the string theorists are being rejected by the younger generation. Business as usual in physics. So we just keep plugging away until justice is done. I first came across corruption as a post doc. when I was told to publish less. That was just before I won one of my three world records, and two prestigious medals. This is the creative mind versus the system. I am interested only in science, and in trying to forge justice in a very corrupt society.

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Flash Physics: Vibrots tumble and turn, string theorists bag Breakthrough Prize, microwave chip is a first –

Flash Physics: Vibrots tumble and turn, string theorists bag Breakthrough P…

Today’s selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Milner Prize

December 6, 2016

The nominations are made to test the fairness of the system. I am not allowed to apply, otherwise I would apply myself. If you wish Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe will nominate and you can be a supporter if you wish. I cannot accept the idea of a “closed shop” in any walk of life, because this would be accepting corruption.

Sent: 06/12/2016 09:52:25 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: $3 million prize in fundamental physics will be split between three physi…

This is the Milner Prize Myron that we have tried for a few times. I think it is a closed shop again. We have not even received acknowledgements in the past.

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363(2): General Planar Orbit from a Fluid Spacetime, Vacuum or Aether

December 6, 2016

This is given without approximation by Eq. (17), or in its differential format, Eq. (20), in terms of the Newtonian orbit. By choice of spin connections, any planar orbit can be generated by the effect of a fluid aether on the Newtonian orbit. Another method is given in Eq. (31), using Eqs. (25) and (26) suggested by protocol sent over by co author Horst Eckardt.


UFT364 Beginning its Run

December 6, 2016

Many thanks to AIAS Fellow Franklin Amador in California, who voluntarily typeset much of the GCUFT book. UFT364 is certainly a breakthrough completely worthy of a breakthrough prize. Congratulations to all concerned! UFT311 and UFT364, and about six hundred other UFT papers and books, have shown that it is possible to extract energy from spacetime, bringing in the second industrial revolution. When a paper is first posted I monitor it as it begins its run, (akin to the downhill in the winter Olympics). With some papers such as UFT364, it is immediately obvious that they are making an initial impact. The classic UFT papers sustain this impact permanently. So all criteria for a Nobel Prize are satisfied, major new science of use to humankind.

Sent: 06/12/2016 05:35:17 GMT Standard Time

Ide San,

This is great news and happy to see great progress among all the groups involved.

Like Myron, Horst and his Munich team has once again elevated humanity with true progress in the scientific world.