Sonnet in Memory of John Jones

July 25, 2017

Sonnet in Vivid Memory of John Jones

A shell stares unseeing at the shorn field,
Listening in vain in the rushing wind,
A broken crow, he croaks, harsh and in vain
Of those of his youth, of an ancient tongue
Now discarded, the detritus of age.
Cold and bent in three like King Llywarch Hen,
He gathered the harvest these hundred years.
The hedgerows and harvest gather around,
His only companions the carrion crows.
The rain is bleak but the harvest is done,
Shall he live another year unhearing
Of the screaming noise of modernity?
I was quietly told that he had died,
The machine roared on, a century sighed.

Englyn Marwnad John Jones Pen yr Heol Fach

July 25, 2017

Marwnad John Jones, Pen yr Heol Fach

Ca^n y gw^r ar ol cywain gwair, – y gw^r a
Saif ger y cae disglair,
Yn gadarn yn ei gadair,
Ddoe yn w^r, heddiw’n air.

Elegy for John Jones, Pen yr Heol Fach

(scanned in free verse)

His song after harvest is sung – standing
In the brilliant hay field,
Strong from the cradle,
He was a man, now a word.

Intermittent Synchronization Fault

July 25, 2017

There is an intermittent synchronization fault in my communications systems due to a line fault. The Talk Talk diagnostics systems I have available traced it today, but the company seems unable to deal with a fault that they have known about for months. We will make another effort to get Talk Talk to repair it soon. The company is being sued by many people. The fault does not stop me working close to my maximum efficiency level. Due to essentially non existent local government over the past for years, the infra structure of Mawr is falling apart.

Record High Interest in ECE2

July 25, 2017

There is record high international interest in ECE2 this month, after a large download of 5.704 gigabytes in one day. There is a lot of interest in the new ES circuits produced by the Muenich group associated with Horst Eckardt: UFT382 and UFT383. The Osamu Ide circuit of UFT311 is replicated in UFT364. The usage file posted daily on this blog shows that nearly seven hundred ECE papers and books in English and Spanish are all read every month in up to 182 countries. There is no time to lose in the development of ES (energy from spacetime) circuits. They are patented and replicated, and ready for industrial development. Circuit designs are beginning to proliferate. ES power stations would eliminate wind turbines and nuclear and gas power stations overnight. UFT311 uses ECE theory and spin connections to explain the results of the circuit with precision. So the avant garde of AIAS / UPITEC has made the breakthrough, it must now be followed up by the professions. The first company to produce ES devices will make a fortune

Wind 3.65%, 1 – 12 mph, Wales 2 – 6 mph, 0831 local time

July 25, 2017

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 2 mph, so the derelict turbines are producing no power because it takes 9 mph to start them. No wind power is being produced in Wales because the wind speed is only 2 – 6 mph, and very little wind power is being produced in Britain because the wind speed is only 1 – 12 mph. Solar is useless at 3.77% and hydro is useless at 1.00%. Using tidal turbines and lagoons all around the coasts and in the rivers, hydro must be increased to close to 100%, and LENR and ES power stations introduced. Nuclear is very dangerous and another meltdown is expected in maybe five years. Google Greenpeace USA to find the facts about nuclear.

Daily Report 23/7/17

July 25, 2017

The equivalent of 1,564,454 printed pages was downloaded (5.704 gigabytes) from 8,706 downloaded memory files (hits) and 1,152 distinct visits, each averaging 6.4 memory pages and 2 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 179.70, top referrals total of 2,268,070, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 2029, Top ten 1212, Collected Evans Morris 759(est), Autobiography volumes one and two 442, Collected scientometrics 385, Barddoniaeth 251, Principles of ECE 190, F3(Sp) 118, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 106, CEFE 95, MJE 91, PECE 89, Collected Proofs 89, Evans Equations 82, UFT88 67, CV 61, Engineering Model 48, Llais 39, UFT311 38, 83Ref 31, PLENR 30, UFT321 26, Awbrey Doninion and Decline (ADD) 20, ECE2 14, UFT313 22, UFT314 33, UFT315 38, UFT316 15, UFT317 26, UFT318 18, UFT319 32, UFT320 27, UFT322 32, UFT323 26, UFT324 33, UFT325 29, UFT326 22, UFT327 15, UFT328 36, UFT329 29, UFT330 20, UFT331 28, UFT332 30, UFT333 14, UFT334 24, UFT335 37, UFT336 25, UFT337 14, UFT338 19, UFT339 13, UFT340 20, UFT341 34, UFT342 15, UFT343 43, UFT344 32, UFT345 35, UFT346 39, UFT347 51, UFT348 43, UFT349 24, UFT351 32, UFT352 44, UFT353 28, UFT354 41, UFT355 25, UFT356 28, UFT357 44, UFT358 34, UFT359 35, UFT360 25, UFT361 22, UFT362 46, UFT363 45, UFT364 59, UTF365 25, UFT366 15, UFT367 29, UFT368 38, UFT369 24, UTF370 20, UFT371 15, UFT372 33, UFT373 16, UTF374 17, UFT375 11, UFT376 11, UFT377 18, UFT378 26, UFT379 32, UFT380 49, UFT381 15, UFT382 60, UFT383 72 to date in July 2017. Wolfram Corporation cross link from Wolfram blog of May 2012 “Looking to the Future of a New Kind of Science”; London Business School My Page. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for July 2017.


Usage Statistics for – July 2017 – URL

July 25, 2017

Usage Statistics for – July 2017 – URL

Fibre Optic Line

July 24, 2017

Many thanks, this is very useful information from Gareth because it proves that it is a faulty line, not a faulty router or computer. All the award winning work of the past fifteen years has been done via creaking lampposts and ancient copper lines. The infra structure of Mawr is in a terrible condition, vulnerable to lightning and high winds, the mindless over development imposes a strain on the infra structure. Lines are often cut by falling trees. However, almost all the work has been sent out all over the world, and is archived. The system seems to be OK for today but I will make another attempt at fixing it tomorrow. The connection could drop at any time.

Sent: 24/07/2017 10:57:15 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Fibre Optic Line

I used to be with talk talk, now with BT. They installed the line free (with Government support I believe). You pay for the box / router etc. We went for Infinity 2 but it will cost around £60+ a month including unlimited broadband phone etc. I think you may also still pay for the old copper line (which they do not remove). Still waiting for our first bill to confirm this. Will get it removed later if need be.

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384(4): Antisymmetry Obeyed for all Planar Orbits

July 24, 2017

This note shows that antisymmetry is obeyed for Newtonian orbits (the conic sections) and for both forward and retrograde precessions in a plane. The antisymmetry laws for a planar orbit are equations (1) and (14), and in the absence of a gravitomagnetic field, Eq. (19) allows the spin connection to be calculated. The spin connection vector is different for each type of orbit (Newtonian, retrograde and forward precessions). The orbit is characterized by the gravitational vector and scalar potentials. It has been assumed that the scalar spin connection is a universal quantity which is the same for all these planar orbits. The fundamental angular frequency of the vacuum or aether particle may be calculated as in Eq. (36). The mass of the vacuum particle is given by the de Broglie Einstein Eq. (37) and accounts for the “missing mass” of the universe. Note carefully that this is an ECE2 covariant theory of general relativity. In this theory the spin connection co vector exists in the Newtonian type orbit, where it is given by Eq. (27). This is consistent with the fact that ECE2 is developed in a mathematical space with finite torsion, curvature, and spin connection, and not in a Minkowski space. So the Euler Lagrange orbital equations of ECE2 have been shown to be rigorously consistent with the gravitational field equations and antisymmetry laws of ECE2. This is a big step forward and there are many ways in which this theory can be developed.


Wind 8.08%, 1 – 17 mph, Wales 1 – 5 mph, 0818 Local Time

July 24, 2017

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 4 mph, so the derelict turbines are producing nothing as usual. No wind power is being produced in Wales now, because the wind speed is 1 – 5 mph , and it needs 9 mph to start them. This has been the pattern day after day for a year. So the wind industry is useless. Solar is 2.71% and hydro is 0.74%, and both are useless. The only answer is tidal stream power, LENR and ES. There is a great mount of interest in the latest ES circuits today (UFT311, UFT321, UFT364, UFT382, UFT383).