FEM programs and modeling

August 25, 2016

This is a very interesting programme of work, and of course Doug will be a co author, together with anyone else who contributes. That is always my rule when it comes to co authorship. Three dimensions bring out many features that are missing from two dimensions. The plan for UFT356 is to set up the equations for velocity fields induced in spacetime (the aether) by electric and magnetic fields, starting with electrostatics and magnetostatics, then plane waves,used as simple examples. The papers on fluid electrodynamics are the most popular of the ECE2 series as can be seen from the eaerly morning reports. There are now forty one ECE2 papers, some more popular than others, but all very well read around the world. Standard physics is sitting on a small branch, very high up a tree, and is busily sawing itself into a gravitationally induced plunge into obsolescence.

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Subj: FEM programs and modeling

Hi all,

I collocated the required features and possible commercial and free FEM
programs again, including your amendments. I spoke to some people who
all recommended Comsol as the best program. It is most flexible and the
best invest for future developments. A version for non-commrecial use
may be usable. FlexPDE seems to be a bit tricky with defining 3D
regions, I had some problems with that.

I would like to model a cube in a cube and a pyramid in a cube (see
attachment; the pyramid is not correctly drawn, should have a tip). The
Reynolds numbers should be different in the surrounding cube and the
inner cube/pyramid. The simplified vorticity equation should be solved.
I am planning to try this out with FlexPDE first and will order a test
version for one month. Comsol requires further thinking about buying etc.
Doug: would it be possible for you to define both geometries in FlexPDE?
Myron will certainly add you as a co-author. The boundaries have to be
discussed. I suggest that the velocity field should be fixed at one
outer side to define an inflow of aether spacetime.

If we obtain reasonable results, we can try to set up a first model for
a circuit in one of the next papers. After one month we should think
about changing the FEM tool.


Lorenz condition

August 25, 2016

Yes it was derived from the continuity equation as a possible solution. As in electrodynamics it is essential for the derivation of the wave equation, otherwise the latter becomes very much more complicated. The derivation of the Lorenz condition from the continuity equation is given in UFT353, page six.

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Subj: Lorenz condition

Do I remember right that the Lorenz condition was derived from the
continuity equation? Or was it only an equivalent to the wave equation?


Discussion of note 355(5) / paper 355

August 25, 2016

These are all very good ideas, it might be worth attempting to solve Eq. (5) in order to experiment. It would certainly be interesting to extend to gravitation, and this can be pencilled in for UFT357 ff. Agreed with all these remarks.

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Subj: note 355(5) / paper 355

Some comments.
In eq.(5) of the note a time derivative can be taken to get rid of the
time intergral at the RHS, leading to a diff. Eq. of 2nd time order.
However then the term

partial / partial t ( ( v*nabla) v)

is non-linear, this could be a problem for FEM solvers.

The Kambe equations for E_F and B_F have units of m/s^2 and 1/s. These
can be interpreted as a gravitational and a magneto-gravitic field. This
would give a connection to gravitation theory, in other words, spacetime
aether can generate direct gravitational effects. We could develop this
idea later a bit more, if we want.

As can be seen from eq.(16) in paper 255, the circuit properties are
coupled to aether current density by a factor of 1/c^2 which is like a
“relativistic” effect. However the ratio rho_m/rho may be high in a
circuit, thus compensating this. Perhaps we should look up the SI values
for copper for example.


UFT88 Read at Mathematical Engineering, University of Chile

August 25, 2016

The University of Chile is ranked 276 in the world by webometrics, 501 – 600 by Times, and 209 by QS. It was founded in 1842 and has over thirty thousand students. It is asociated with two Nobel Laureates: the poet Pablo Neruda, and Gabriela Mistral. Staff and students are frequent visitors to www.aias.us, helped by Alex Hill’s Spanish translations. UFT88 has been read at more than two hundred of the world’s best universities in the past two years, nearly the top twenty universities in the world, and nearly all the Ivy league. Also at OxBridge. This is also true of all five hundred or so UFT papers in English and Castillian (classical Spanish). UFT88 has been developed into UFT99, UFT109, UFT313 and UFT354, these papers entirely refute Einsteinian general relativity, so do many other UFT papers. The AIAS, based in this house in the village of Craig Cefn Parc in Mawr, is regarded objectively by leading intellectuals worldwide as the best small institute of theoretical physics in the world, along with its U. S. counterpart UPITEC, based in Boise, Idaho. This is shown very clearly by nearly fourteen years of detailed scientometrics. This shows what a Community such as Mawr can do. Mawr has a Republican, Leveller, Dissenter tradition – an intellectual tradition. We at AIAS and UPITEC are the Dissenters of modern physics.

Wind 2.12%, 1 – 14 mph 0823 local time

August 25, 2016

Today 29 out of 31 met office wind map areas are at or belo 8 mph, meaning 32,742 turbines producing nothing. In Wales the wind is no greater than about 5 mph. In Swansea it is 2 mph at present so the Betws turbines are producing nothing. They have produced nothing for a week or more and this has been the pattern all summer. They are situated in an area where there is not enough wind, and were forced through by a corrupt cabal, ignoring all democratic opposition. The minister at the Welsh Assembly who has attempted to force through Mynydd y Gwair is anunelected puppet bureaucrat, in the words of Gethin ap Gruffudd, a grovelling royalist. Very rarely does any politician get a majority of those entitled to vote. So delaying injunctions and peaceful protest are the only answers.

Daily Report 23/8/16

August 25, 2016

The equivalent of 176,991 printed pages was downloaded during the day, (645.309 megabytes) from 3.152 downloaded memory files (hits) and 696 distinct visits each averaging 3.6 memory pages and 12 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 56.15 for the day, main spiders cnsat(China), google. MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 1630, Top ten 1435, Collected Evans / Morris 759(est), Collected scientometrics 499, Evans Equations 343(est), Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 336, F3(Sp) 289, Principles of ECE 275, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 258, Autobiography volumes one and two 225, Collected proofs 219, UT88 105, Engineering Model 94, UFT311 89, PECE 88, CEFE 69, Self charging inverter 38, UFT321 37, Llais 31, Lindstrom Idaho lecture 24, Three world records by MWE 22, List of prolific authors 18, UFT313 31, UFT314 30, UFT315 41, UFT316 33, UFT317 29, UFT318 49, UFT319 46, UFT320 37, UFT322 50, UFT323 40, UFT324 58, UFT325 50, UFT326 34, UFT327 28, UFT328 39, UFT329 35, UFT330 36, UFT331 42, UFT332 39, UFT333 31, UFT334 31, UFT335 40, UFT336 33, UFT337 29, UFT338 31, UFT339 38, UFT340 34, UFT341 33, UFT342 26, UFT343 25, UFT344 41, UFT345 37, UFT346 43, UFT347 41, UFT348 52, UFT349 62, UFT351 58, UFT352 79, UFT353 63, UFT354 50, UFT355 5 to date in August 2016. City of Winnipeg extensive; Mathematics York University Canada UFT177; Department of Mathematical Engineering University of Chile UFT88; Iowa State University home page; Centre for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences UFT213; Silesian Data Center general; University of the Witwatersrand South Africa UFT175. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for August 2016.


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Message for Michael Jackson

August 24, 2016

Would it be possible to back up the blog by the end of the week? It is less critical now, because the blog seems to be archived automatically on www.archive.org and www.webarchive.org.uk but it is still very important and much appreciated. How is the Youtube Project going? Many thanks in anticipation.

Aether velocity fields set up by E and B fields in a Circuit

August 24, 2016

Pleasure! I can proceed along these and other lines, and it may be possible to model the circuit and boundary conditions.

In a message dated 24/08/2016 13:50:35 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Thanks for taking up this subject. One possibility would be to predefine the electric field term parital E_F / partial t in the current density and insert this into the wave equation, wich gives a time-dependent velocity field v.


Am 23.08.2016 um 11:58 schrieb EMyrone:

My plans for UFT356 are to address the question of electric and magnetic fields inducing a velocity field in the surrounding aether. This was an interesting idea suggested by co author Horst Eckardt.

Plans for UFT356

August 24, 2016

The plans are to investigate the velocity field set up in spacetime by various types of electric and magnetic field, for example plane waves and static electric and magnetic fields.

The Ynys Cedwyn and Garth Ancestry

August 24, 2016

Many thanks, our genealogical work over the past few years is considered to be definitive by sources such as wikitree, you can see the reference online. It is accepted by the College of Arms and “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry”. Therefore all members of our family (rich and poor) take the rank of Uchelwyr in the ancient British system. Those of proven descent from the Princes and ancient Kings of Britain are Uchelwyr, people of high birth, whether rich or poor. Owain Glyndw^r and Dafydd ap Gwilym for example had this rank. In the Norman system, Christopher Portrey senior and his oldest son presumably held the same rank as myself, the rank of Gentleman, then known as Squire. In contemporary usage essentially the equivalent in honour to Knight or Life Baron. This is the rank that I hold, and I am probably the only one in our ancient family who holds the rank. As you know, there were many of the family who had coats of arms.

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The most significant omission regarding Christopher Portrey the elder was in the plaque placed in St Cynog’s old church and then transferred to the new, The plaque refers to the ancestry of the Goughs back to the Awbrey family and was placed there by one of the Goughs in the latter half of the eighteenth century. It refers to each generation back to the last of the Awbrey family, but omits entirely Christopher Portrey the elder, albeit that he was the great grandfather of the plaque erector and who had died less than 100 years before. His existence is proved primarily by the Deed of Settlement of the Ynyscedwyn Estate and work that Arthur Turner-Thomas did in identifying him at Cambridge and marriage etc.

A lot of people work or have worked on the basis that a plaque on a wall in an ancient establishment must be correct, without cross-checking it. We now have the position where the Histories of Breconshire by T Jones and by E Poole quote it verbatim.

Stuart Davies
Subject: Fwd: FOR POSTING: Christopher Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn House (1693 – 1752)

Thanks again!


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