Note 409(1/2)

June 20, 2018

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PS: the preceding email related to note 409(2) concerning the v formulas.

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Note 409(2) Relation between the Newton and Thomas velocities

This is given by Eq. (26) direct from fundamentals. The hypothesis is introduced that all cosmological precessions are Thomas precessions, because the Einstein field equation is incorrect and gives meaningless solutions such as the Schwarzschild, Kerr and black hole metrics. These are meaningless because they are based on a torsionless geometry. The Thomas precession does not depend on the Einstein field equation, the former is now undestood as the rotation of the ECE covariant metric. This rotation changes the Newtonian orbital velocity (Eq. (26)) and changes the Lorentz factor to Eq. (33). This change in the Lorentz factor means that all fundamental quantities must be re expressed in terms of the new Lorentz factor, for example the hamiltonian (42) and the lagrangian (43). In general the Thomas velocity can be found from experimental data on precession, although this is a dippy method. ECE2 gives an exact and correct description of light deflection due to gravitation.

409(1): Orbital Precession and Light Deflection in Terms of the Thomas Precession.

June 20, 2018

Many thanks. Your calculations agree with Eq. (25) of note 409(2), providing a valuable cross check. The factor 3 in you Eq. (4) also appears in the standard model de Sitter precession, but by now all standard EGR calculations should be discarded as obsolete. This seems to be the view of leading thinkers around the world, judging by the feedback.

409(1): Orbital Precession and Light Deflection in Terms of the Thomas Precession.

The note clearly states which velocity is an observable (v) and which is computed (v_N). This is important to know for an understanding.
To my knowledge the angular velocity is defined by
Therefore further simplifications can be made in eqs.(25-26). It follows:

and with the definiton of omega:

So with

and the ordinary velocity in spherical coordinates

the complete Thomas velocity would be


Am 11.06.2018 um 12:23 schrieb Myron Evans:

409(1): Orbital Precession and Light Deflection in Terms of the Thomas Precession.

This note gives a number of new results summarized on page three. The precession of any object is explained by the Thomas half and related to the vacuum fluctuation and spin connection in Eq. (21). The spin connection is expressed in terms of the Thomas half in Eq. (22). The Thomas half in orbital precession theory is therefore explained by the isotropically averaged vacuum fluctuation, spin connection and vacuum force. None of these concepts appear in Newtonian universal gravitation. Light deflection due to gravitation is explained precisely from the definition of the ECE2 covariant relativistic velocity under the upper bound (36) on the square of the Newtonian velocity (UFT406). It i shown that thi supper bound corresponds to the maximum attainable value of the Thomas half as in Eq. (42). Under this condition the relativistic velocity goes to c, and the deflection angle becomes (38), "twice Newton". This treatment of gravitation suffers from none of the fatal flaws of EGR, and is simple and elegant. The theory is for nearly circular orbits but can be made more precise as in many UFT papers. The EGR is by now a complete shambles, the only correct precessional theory is that of Thomas precession because it does not depend on solutions or metrics of the incorrect Einstein field equation. The Thomas velocity can be adjusted to reproduce the experimental data. For light deflection due to gravitation the Thomas precession theory is an exact theory. EGR is known now to be a complete shambles, some of the worst howlers have emerged in recent papers, but UFT88 is a famous classic and already a decade old. UFT88 has never been criticized and refutes EGR completely. There have been no criticisms of ECE and ECE2 for over a decade.

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June 20, 2018

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Note 409(4): Description of Binary Pulsar Precession as a Thomas Precession

June 19, 2018

This note defines the classical theory of the binary pulsar, then shows that the Einstein theory produces a precession of 2.368 degrees per earth year. The experimentally observed precession is 4.226 plus or minus 0.002 degrees per earth year. So the Einstein theory is completely wrong as usual. It is shown that a well defined Thomas velocity produces the experimental result exactly, using a rotating ECE spacetime indicative of the presence of spacetime torsion. The ECE2 field equations of gravitation and electromagnetism are based on torsion and curvature. So all precessions in the universe are Thomas precessions (more accurately they should be called ECE2 precessions) due to the existence of torsion. The latter is neglected completely in the standard theory of the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar. This is the showcase of EGR, a showcase which is unfortunately full of howlers. The old and creaking ideas of EGR are wolves kept in captivity. They are all howlers, the theory is full of howlers. It is also shown that the standard model produces a completely incorrect total precession of 15.046 degrees per earth year when standard de Sitter precession is added to the Einstein precession. The two precessions always coexist. In ECE2 they are discarded as incorrect, and only the Thomas precession used. The shrinking of the orbit of the binary pulsar is described in ECE2 by a decrease in the Thomas velocity, meaning that the torsion slowly decreases. The EGR theory produces a wholly mysterious precise agreement using a method which is as clear as mud. This is claimed to be based on a non linear Einstein theory and gravitational radiation. ECE2 does not produce gravitational radiation from a binary pulsar. In ECE2, gravitational radiation is produced in exactly the same was as radiation theory in electromagnetism, but is twenty three orders of magnitude weaker. Stephen Crothers has heavily criticised the standard theory of gravitational radiation. The mythical methods of non linearity of the Einstein field equation consist of playing around with metrics which are however wildly erroneous due to the neglect of torsion (UFT301 (CEFE)). They neglect the very thing that produces all observable precessions – torsion.


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Ifor Hael ap Llewelyn, Basaleg Gwent (born about 1320)

June 18, 2018

He is my ancestral cousin through Prince Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr and was the patron of Dafydd ap Gwilym. He was an Uchelwr, and one of the traditional duties of that rank is patronage. I hold the same rank through descent from Tewdwr Mawr (Tudor the Great). "Basaleg" comes from "Basilica".

Fund Raising Activities

June 18, 2018

I thank the Dean of Brecon Cathedral for kindly describing my nascent charitable work as important and I will be glad to work with Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru (Welsh Baptist Union) and many others of all denominations and all walks of life over the forthcoming months or years. The cut up remnants of the University of Wales will not be beneficiaries, quite obviously, because of the numerous violations of human rights recorded in my autobiography and because of their bloody minded destruction of my internationally acclaimed work, causing international outrage. I refuse to recognize the dissolution of the genuine University of Wales. Welsh speaking Wales is under great pressure from a tory regime in London so I think that trusts and so on are a means of fighting back against the deliberate destruction of a language and ancient culture by a philistine regime that is not elected in Wales.


June 18, 2018

That should have been minus seven and minus eight, the method UFT406 will reduce EGR gravitational radiation to silage. Gravitational radiation also exists in ECE2, its characteristics are completely different to EGR radiation.

Extension of UFT406 to Binary Pulsars

June 18, 2018

UFT406 shows that the standard theory of precession is a complete shambles, the excellent table in section 3 shows this very clearly. There is one more precession to be added to that table, the Thomas precession. The latter is the only correct precessional theory. The Thomas precession for earth, with frame rotating at the Newtonian velocity, is 3.10 ten power minus eight radians per orbit. The claimed experimental precession after removing the influence of planets is 2.42 ten power minus seven radians per orbit. The Einstein, geodetic and Lense Thirring precessions are incorrect mathematically, so are meaningless. The method of removing the influence of planets is also very dubious. So this is a complete shambles. The next note will extend the criticism to binary pulsars in order to completely refute the EGR theory of gravitational radiation. That again depends on the Einstein field equation. The claims to precision by the EGR physicists are obviously false.

Third Draft of My Will

June 18, 2018

Dean, Brecon Cathedral,
Dear Rev. Hattersley,
Diolch yn fawr, many thanks, and in particular for consulting your legal department. I think that the best way forward is that I set up my own charitable foundation in a revised Will and letter of wishes. This would be called “The Myron Evans Charitable Trust” aimed to benefit a range of good causes by accumulating capital as described previously. By section 23 of the IHT ACT 1984, both property and fluid capital can be held by a charitable trust. I will ask Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru and similar organizations as James Pant y Fedwen if they could act as, or supply, the three Trustees needed for a charitable trust. All denominations in Wales would benefit from the Myron Evans Charitable Trust.

Many thanks again,
Diolch yn Fawr eto,

Myron Evans
(Dr M. W. Evans, Uchelwr, Squire, Civil List Pensioner)

Third Draft of My WillTo: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

Dear Mr Evans,

Firstly, apology for the delay. Both the legal department and the cathedral have been rather busy this week.

I am now in a position to offer our response to your request. I have consulted internally, as well as with the provincial legal department on the matter. It will probably come as some disappointment, but we are not in a position to help administer the trust. The cathedral is a very resource limited charity, with little capacity to carry out our every day projects and work. We do not have the capacity or resources of the English Cathedrals, or two of the larger Welsh cathedrals. So, I am sorry to bring the news that we are not positioned to assist.

It is just a suggestion, but given your strong links with the Baptist denomination, perhaps they will be able to assist you. I sincerely hope that you are able to find assistance elsewhere in this significant important matter.

With assurance of prayers.

The Dean

The Very Reverend Dr Paul Shackerley

Dean of Brecon

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