Britain might pull out of CERN

August 27, 2015

With heavy funding cuts scheduled for obsolete physics, Britain may pull out of CERN. Austria has already tried to do so. AIAS / UPITEC scholarship has shown that much of its work is complete nonsense (e.g. UFT225). This paper was sent to CERN and covered up in a very cynical way. It has been read thousands of times from by non CERN scientists. By now it is widely known that standard physicists indulge in cover up and attempted censorship. Think of what thirty billion could do for new energy research and culture.

cc M. P and Opposition Gower
Prime Minister’s Office.

Sent: 25/08/2015 17:44:57 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: CERN the money pit

CERN-LHC leaders, now ask taxpayers for $30 billion over the next 10 years, denying TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE, making the same mistake with FPGA | My CMS
CERN-LHC leaders, now ask taxpayers for $30 billion over… CERN-LHC leaders and over 10,000 scientists from several countries in the world, including the U.S., now ask taxpayers for $30 billion over the next 10 y…
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Daily Report 25/8/15

August 27, 2015

There were 2,307 files downloaded from 345 distinct visits or reading sessions, main spiders from baidu, google, MSN and yahoo. Collected Scientometrics 514, F3(Sp) 535, Evans / Morris papers 500 (est), ECE2 papers 441, Autobiography volumes one and two 269, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 256, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 202, Principles of ECE 176, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 160, UFT88 124, Evans Equations 108 (numerous Spanish), Engineering Model 84, Llais 79, UFT311 71, UFT321 56, UFT320 50, UFT322 49, UFT318 46, UFT319 43, UFT317 37, UFT314 36, UFT323 35, UFT313 35, UFT324 34, UFT316 32, UFT315 31, UFT325 11 to date in August 2015, collected ECE2 papers 484 to date in August 2015. University Aeronautics Institute Cordoba Argentina UFT150(Sp); University of Messina Italy UFT7; Sophore Investments general; Izhevsk region general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for August 2015.

FOR POSTING: Final Version of UFT325 Section 3

August 26, 2015

This is one of the most important sections of the entire UFT series, and excellent work by co author Horst Eckardt. The section should be read with background notes and protocol and postings on the blog. During the course of preparation of this paper it was shown that the Einsteinian general relativity disintegrates into a snowstorm of symbols which takes an entire page to write out.

Sent: 26/08/2015 11:24:21 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Revised section 3 of paper 325

This is the revised section. I added the results for x theory for
comparison. An alternative definition of v and vN is discussed.
For paper 324 it is not necessary to add a section 3 because the results
of that paper are also contained in this one.



326(3): Two Dimensional Rotational Quantization in Special Relativity

August 26, 2015

This note begins the exploration of rotational quantization in special relativity using the two dimensional equations (2) and (3), so the result is the relativistic particle on a ring. The resulting equation is (18), a relativistic Schroedinger equation which must be solved using the laplacian in two dimensions in plane polar coordinates. A relativistic orbital equation (33) is inferred and dtheta / dr from this equation can be compared with its equivalent from an ellipse and x function precessing ellipse. Eq. (33) is also valid for orbits.


Daily Report 24/8/15

August 26, 2015

There were 3,415 files downloaded from 335 distinct visits or reading sessions, main spiders baidu, google, MSN and yahoo. Collected Scientometrics 505, Evans Morris papers 480 (est), F3(Sp) 430, ECE2 papers 424, Autobiography volumes one and two 261, Barddoniaeth / collected Poetry 247, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 191, The Principles of ECE 171, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 159, UFT88 120, Evans Equations 106 (numerous Spanish), Engineering Model 78, Llais 77, UFT311 71, CEFE 61, UFT321 53, UFT322 48, UFT320 48, UFT318 44, UFT319 41, UFT314 36, UFT313 35, UFT323 34, UFT317 33, UFT324 32, UFT315 31 UFT316 31, UFT 325 11, Total ECE2 = 424. Innsbruck University Austria UFT75, Royal Bank of Canada UFT43; extensive site download from a private address in Germany; Lacompany France general; Data Centre India UFT116; Fiberglass Telfort Netherlands Equations Flowcharts, Bashtel and Izhevsk regions general; Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering National Taiwan University “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”; Physics University of Durham Awards won by the EDCL Room 262 group at Aberystwyth and my page. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for August 2015.

Truth Conference Wales May 2016

August 25, 2015

Pleasure, you are doing fine work. We have comprehensively refuted the Einstein theory of general relativity and forged what is known as Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe’s “Post Einsteinian Paradigm Shift”. We retain, however, most if not all of the elements of special relativity. The Einstein theory was a high pinnacle of human thought in its time, and we stand on the shoulders of giants as Newton put it, but now we are moving in to a new era. The scientometrics show that the ECE theory is a new school of thought in science. I admire the great scholar Stephen Crothers’ ability to stand and fight, like my ancestor King Caradog ap Bran (Caratacus, a hero of all Britain, not only Wales). There should be a revival of the Welsh language as the ancient Britons of our own time stand and fight for their culture. It is particularly important to introduce Broydd Iaith (language nests) and compulsory education in Welsh from age two or three, when they pick up languages almost instantly. My co author, the great scholar Jean-Pierre Vigier, was invited by Einstein to be his assistant, so we know Einstein’s thinking perfectly well, far better than a tiny minority of contemporary dogmatists who hold his name in vain. An influx of monoglot immigration into Welsh speaking communities like Craigcefnparc ultimately destroys everything – like the biblical plague of locusts. There are only a few of us left who can speak the genuine six thousand year old Silurian dialect, and three of us discussed today what unlimited immigration can destroy – a lack of any protection for the ancient Welsh language, that of Caradog (Caratacus to the Romans). People can be of any ethnic origin as long as they are thoroughly taught the language of Wales – and Britain. “Crothers” from Scotland means Caer Rhydderch. We were discussing in fluent Welsh today the magnificent sermons in Welsh of the highest quality of the Rev. T. R. Lewis in Elim, Craigcefnparc, I tried to capture this in my autobiography, volume one. It is difficult to define civilization, but it is easy to perceive barbarism, the wholesale destruction of an ancient culture and the slough of despond as Bunion put it . The level of civilization reached in Wales was as high as anything in the Renaissance. This must not be allowed to decay into utter ruin, and education by the Welsh Assembly is the answer, a huge influx of public and private funds to revive the language and culture of ancient Britain.

cc MP for Gower,
Prime Minister’s Office.

In a message dated 25/08/2015 11:24:25 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Many Thanks to you Myron,

A most encouraging letter from you, and I look forward to meeting you in the very near future.
Circumstances take me to London tomorrow, and my return will be late in the evening.

As soon as time allows, I shall write back to you more fully, and we might then be able to find an hour or two to introduce ourselves in person.

In great anticipation therefore, I send kindest regards,


Sent from Windows Mail

Sut hwyl Anthony,

Many thanks for your kind words, indeed Bach is similar to mathematics, especially in his fugues as you know. I would be glad to meet you, I am a fluent Welsh speaker and live in Craig Cefn Parc, at 50 Rhyddwen Road. Some of my colleagues, friends and cousins are on this list. I bought back the house from the States after it had been sold out of the family, a familiar weakness in Wales, to coin a terrible pun – selling heritage for a few pieces of silver. My paternal line is from Glyn Tawe, across the river from Craig y Nos Castle. The family is descended in direct line from Bleddyn ap Maenarch, Prince of Brycheiniog and the Tudor ancestor, Tewdwr Mawr, I have some seriously dubious Norman ancestors like Pain y Cythrael de Turbeville, (Payn the Devil de Turbeville). I have the greatest of respect for AIAS Fellow and Professor Stephen Crothers, who knows Craig y Nos Castle. It may be a good idea to organize AIAS Conferences and Clan Gatherings in cooperation with your Conferences. I agree about the media, it does great damage to science, and at AIAS / UPITEC we have thoroughly refuted Einsteinian general relativity and replaced it with ECE theory. All the detail is on We have also established a method of education that outflanks the wall of prejudice against truly new ideas. I would have been reduced to a firework many times over in the middle ages. Human nature is just the same now. It seems that my ancestor the Celtic Saint Eurgain ferch Caradog ap Bran ap Llyr Llediaith established the very first early Christian community in Britain, on a site that predates Bangor Tewdos by four hundred years, around about forty A. D. She is very likely to be historical and excavations might reveal the site, near Llan Illtud Fawr (Llantwit Major). Bangor Tewdos (The Seminary of Theodosius) was attended by my ancestral cousin Dewi Sant ap Sandde (St. David) and Padrig ap Mowon (St Patrick). Caradog (Caratacus) was captured by the Romans as you know, but his eloquence and courage persuaded the Romans to release him (Roberts Graves, “I Claudius”) instead of making him into a large tin of catmeat. I agree about the scientific or Baconian method of testing theory against data. This has been applied to the events of the earliest Christianity by scholars such as Thiering. I have the utmost respect for the William Morgan Bible of 1588 and 1620, commissioned by my ancestral cousin Blanche Parry. My ancestral cousin Elizabeth 1st Tudor allowed the Bible to appear in Welsh, and it saved the language from extinction. If I had the funds, I would like to establish a network of private schools and chapels / churches throughout Wales all teaching the Welsh language from age two or three onwards, and establish free housing for Welsh speakers in selected areas. I call these Broydd Iaith, or language nests, areas in which the familiar and intense and completely illegal pressures to speak English are absent. This village used to be such an area. Emergency efforts are needed to save the spoken language from extinction. That would be a catastrophe.

cc MP Gower,
Prime Minister’s Office

In a message dated 23/08/2015 11:40:14 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Hello Myron,
How kind of you to respond so quickly to my letter.

The idea of a Truth Conference followed my meeting Dr. Christian Lindtner and some other colleagues at a conference in Copenhagen in early June, when to our surprise we , as invited observers to the Gospel Interpretation Conference in Roskilde, under the Chairmanship of Professor Mogens Muller were treated with contempt and kept silent by bullying tactics until in frustration at the close of the conference , I stood , and addressed the speakers and audience.

In my brief address to them, I introduced myself, as an Engineer, not a theologian.
I further referred them to the practice in Engineering to base all theoretical and practical knowledge on sound physical evidence, and empirical proofs, confirmed by mathematical models, and experimental outcomes.

By contrast, the four day Roskilde conference had in my opinion up to that time, been nothing more than a talking shop, wherein dissent or discourse was banned, and the outcomes inevitably flawed, by political manipulation within the academic fraternity.

I continued by going out on a limb, and suggested that another conference should be had in the near future, under the auspices of a committee who would ensure that open discussion of all colours and hues could be freely and without favour or prejudice following the presentation papers.
I further suggested that this proposed conference would be held in Wales, the Land of my Fathers, and my birth, where the Gospels, and many other important matters to thinking people worldwide would be put on the agenda , thoroughly examined, discussed , and placed into the public domain for further dissemination and examination leading to future Truth Conferences, possibly in Wales, or elsewhere.

The fact that I had made this promise, obliged me to follow up on the preparation and organisation of a conference.

I had a number of colleagues, and friends from differing backgrounds, who held strong and worthwhile opinions of important matters in the field of human philosophy, the first being the power of the Christian Church worldwide, and the means by which this power was obtained, leading from ancient times to the present.

Another concern that we hold is the widespread disenchantment with so called scientific opinion on cosmic sciences, which included mathematics, physics, and not least, the General Relativity, and Special Relativity theorems put forward by Einstein.

It seemed like a simple matter to organise a conference based on two powerful and dipolar opinions on two powerful subjects, science, and religion, and to bring them together in one forum, under one roof, for one long weekend, in the Spring of next year , 2016.

However, I have met thus far with a wall of silence, particularly from the religious bodies, and also the mathematical departments in Universities.

I have for a few years been very impressed with the work of certain individuals in controversial matters, in no particular order, these being, Dr. Christian Lindtner , Mr. Kenneth Humphreys,
Dr. Judy Wood, Prof. Wallace Thornhill, and Stephen Crothers.

Your name appeared in many of my scientific excursions into the realms of these enquiries, and to my delight, I found that you too had explored the Einstein theories, and come along with interesting conclusions, the sort of conclusions that I might add, are elegant , simple, and which contain the seeds of beauty. In other words, poetic, almost musical in a sense of J.S.Bach mathematical musical genius for harmonic invention and discovery.

So much for the background to my idea, the simple facts are that we have the location organised, the funding is allocated, and will be available in the early New Year, and most importantly , certain individuals have shown interest in presenting a paper.

The rest is hard work, logistical assembly, teamwork, and delegation.

The media being such an important aspect of modern life, is in my opinion, to be held at arms length until certain pieces of our jigsaw are in place, and my cynicism is based on my profound disgust for almost every aspect of their activities.

We must use them sparingly, but crucially, we must choose who ,when, and how, the conference will be brought to public awareness, disseminated , broadcast, and reported.

I am not sure whether you are living in Wales presently , but if you are, it would be a great pleasure to meet you, and to share a cup of tea should you be kind enough to make contact.

I am living at the address given in my first letter to you, which is a disused gas plant on top of one of the highest hills around the Brecon beacons. I am available to meet you at any time that might be convenient should you care to make a suggestion as to time and place. I would welcome your ideas on the formats that certain subjects should take, and given the vast experience that you have of international academia and it’s strengths and weaknesses, your views on the presentations and the order of discussion.

Once again, I thank you most kindly for your prompt response to my letter, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Dr. Anthony Williams,
Williams Power Injection Systems ( Blaenavon ) Ltd;
Transco Gas Plant, Llwydcoed,
Rhondda Cynon Taff, CF44 0ND.

From: emyrone
Sent: ‎Sunday‎, ‎23‎ ‎August‎ ‎2015 ‎09‎:‎45
To: Anthony Williams

Dear Dr. Williams,
Thank you very much for this invitation. It looks like an interesting conference, my primary interest is in science, (unified field theory), but I am also a bard and poet in both languages, and genealogy. I assume that the presentation would be for a general audience. I was brought up as a Welsh speaking Baptist and I am a keen supporter of the Welsh language and culture. As can be seen from the attached I can accurately trace my ancestry in one line to 1,100 B. C., and in another to Caradag ap Bran ap Llyr (Caratacus), whose daughter St Eurgain ferch Caradog is said to have founded the very first Christian establishment in Britain near Llan Illtud Fawr (Llantwit Major). Her brother was the first Bishop of Rome as is well known, as St. Peter mentions in some writings. They were influenced directly by St. Paul in Rome as you probably know after being captured and sent there for a short while. This very early church was probably influenced by the Coptic church and of course the original events of the very earliest Christianity. I am an agnostic but with the greatest of respect for my Baptist upbringing.
The unified field theory is described in many ways on, from introductory to advanced level.

Diolch yn fawr a chyfarchion,

Myron (Evans)

In a message dated 22/08/2015 09:36:56 GMT Daylight Time,:

Hello Professor Evans,

I hope that this email address is the correct way of contacting you regarding my plan to organise a Truth Conference in Wales in the Spring of next year.

My question is to ask you if you would be prepared to discuss the conference with a view to making a presentation which will be “livestreamed” from the venue to a worldwide on line audience, and which will evolve into a “Question and Answer” session following the presentation.

There are other aspects planned under the aegis of the conference, and one of these is to open the discussion on the relevance of Sanskrit and Buddhist literature on the formation of the early Christian church, and the “Q” hypothesis.

I intend to fund the conference privately, and with my business associates in London, from my base here in Wales. I have asked a number of guest speakers to attend, and will confirm the responses in the near future.

Kindly let me have a contact telephone number or email address to use for a more detailed discussion and an informal chat on the rationale of the proposals.

With kindest regards,


Dr. Anthony Williams,
Williams Power Injection Systems ( Blaenavon ) Ltd;
Transco LNG ,
Rhondda Cynon Taff,
CF44 0ND.

Sent from Windows Mail

Daily Report Sunday 23/8/15

August 25, 2015

There were 2,950 files downloaded from 301 distinct visits or reading sessions, main spiders baidu, google, MSN and yandex. Collected Scientometrics 534, Evans / Morris papers 460 (est), F3(Sp) 406, Autobiography volumes one and two 244, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 234, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 181, The Principles of ECE Theory 165, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 151, UFT88 109, Evans Equations (numerous Spanish) 99, Engineering Model 75, UFT311 68, Llais 65, UFT321 50, UFT322 46, UFT320 44, UFT 318 41, UFT319 39, UFT323 33, UFT314 33, UFT313 32, UFT317 31, UFT316 30, UFT315 29, UFT324 28, UFT325 8 to date in August 2015. University of Havana Cuba UFT157(Sp); Complete site download from a private adress in Germany; Aalto University Finland Student Union general; Toyoda Kitsuregawa Laboratory, Advanced Data Engineering, University of Tokyo Graduate School and Institute of Industrial Science general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for August 2015.

326(2): Quantization of the Sommerfeld Hamiltonian

August 24, 2015

This note uses a Dirac type quantization to produce the equation (21), a relativistic Schroedinger equation which must be solved for the wavefunctions psi. In general this is a highly non trivial procedure which must be carried out numerically in three dimensions. However, it is straightforward to show that this type of quantization produces small shifts in the H atom energy levels given by the expectation value (28). The Thomas factor is given correctly by the Sommerfeld atom, but there is no spin orbit interaction, because the Sommerfeld atom does not contain a spin quantum number, later suggested by the Sommerfeld group itself and developed by Pauli and others. As in previous UFT papers spin orbit coupling and many new effects of development of ECE appears with the use of the SU(2) basis and Pauli matrices. It is known from UFT325 that these orbitals in two dimensions must be the result of a quantization of a two dimensional precessing ellipse, and that will be the subject of the next note. This method is much clearer than that used by Sommerfeld himself in 1913, who did not have the benefit of Schroedinger Debye quantization (circ 1923 / 1924). Sommerfeld produced orbitals in 1913 which he communicated by letter to Einstein.


Quantization of the Sommerfeld Hamiltonian and Lagrangian

August 24, 2015

In Note 326(2) I will develop a new method of quantization of the Sommerfeld hamiltonian using a method similar to UFT253 for the Dirac equation and fermion equation, then explore whether quantization can be carried out with the lagrangian as well as the hamiltonian. Dirac (new quantum theory, 1928) went beyond Sommerfeld (old quantum theory, 1913) in several ways as is well known, but to start with it is interesting to see what information is given by Sommerfeld without use of the SU(2) basis and minimal prescription used by Dirac. This will be much clearer and simpler than the ultra obscure and error ridden wikipedia article on the Sommerfeld atom, which I corrected some time ago on this blog. The SU(2) basis is certainly needed for half integral spin, NMR, ESR etc. so those are not given by Sommerfeld as is well known. Horst and I developed many new spectroscopies some time ago with developments of the fermion hamiltonian. The overall aim of UFT326 is to see how quantization of the precessing elliptical orbit discovered in UFT325 occurs, to give relativistic orbitals, and how these relate to the fermion equation orbitals. As can be seen from the daily scientometrics report there is already intense interest in the work from UFT313 onwards to UFT325. The scientometrics themselves are now read almost ten thousand times a year, being the most read item on the site. It is also well known that the correct energy levels of the H atom, with fine structure, are given by the fermion equation (the chiral Dirac equation) but are not quite correct in the Sommerfeld atom. Their derivation is exceedingly complicated (e.g. Merzbacher, “Quantum Mechanics”, Wiley). The Nobel Laureates Pauli and Heisenberg were Sommerfeld’s students and Born’s assistants. The Nobel Laureates Debye and Bethe were also graduate students of Sommerfeld. The Nobel Laureates Pauling, Rabi and von Laue were post doctorals of Sommerfeld, who never won a Nobel Prize himself but was nominated more than eighty times. Obviously, Sommerfeld was held in great regard by many Nobel Laureates. That was the golden age of quantum mechanics, and it is still an unspoiled part of standard physics. My doctoral supervisor Mansel Davies wrote the official biography of Debye for the Faraday Society, later the Royal Society of Chemistry. Debye was Schroedinger’s supervisor at the University of Zuerich and more or less inferred the Schroedinger equation with his student. Schroedinger and Debye discovered the famous quantization rule still used today. That is another unspoiled part of standard physics. Bethe was emeritus at Cornell while I was there at the theory center. He died in 2005 a few months short of his hundredth birthday.

Section 3 of UFT325

August 24, 2015

Excellent discussion. I have just sent over the page from Marion and Thornton so that the readership of the blog can study the famous derivation of the Einstein energy equation, with its rest energy E = m c squared.

Sent: 24/08/2015 10:44:27 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Section 3 of UFT325

Thinking about this discussion, I believe the origin of the problem is that in special relativity the relative velocity has been introduced as a constant value first. This is only valid for the observer system and does not affect the moving frame. In relativistic mechanics, however, we have a variable velocy for the same object which leads to additional effects of observation in the observer’s frame. Insofar setting v=v_N from the Lorentz transformation is correct. I will wrap up secton 3 with a hint to this and a possible different view.


Am 24.08.2015 um 09:14 schrieb EMyrone:

This is an interesting discussion, it is only by open discussion before the entire blog readership that progress is made. It may be a good idea to finish Section 3 with a synopsis of this discussion included. To summarize the discussion, twice Newton for light deflection is given beyond reasonable doubt in my opinion by the usual definition of the relativistic momentum, p = gamma m v sub N, using v sub N in the Lorentz gamma factor. The basis for using v sub N in the Lorentz gamma factor is the usual Minkowski metric of special relativity. This is the method used in many previous UFT papers. Using the method of Sections 1 and 2 of the final version of UFT325, the use of v sub N in the Lorentz gamma factor is confirmed from the lagrangian of special relativity, because Sections 1 and 2 demonstrate in a rigorously self consistent way that the lagrangian gives the relativistic momentum, QED. It is well known that the lagrangian of special relativity is defined to give the relativistic momentum (Marion and Thornton chapter 14). In my opinion twice Newton from the relativistic velocity is a major discovery, so is Horst’s elegant numerical demonstration of the fact that the lagrangian of special relativity gives a precessing ellipse. The velocity that appears in the Lorentz transform is the velocity of one frame with respect to another (Marion and Thornton chapter 14, third edition). It is defined by

c squared d tau squared = (c squared – v squared) dt squared


v squared dt squared = dr squared + r squared d theta squared


v squared = v sub N squared = (dr / dt) squared + r squared (d theta / dt) squared

This method, used in several UFT papers, shows that the velocity of the Lorentz transform is the Newtonain velocity v sub N, and this leads to complete self consistency as in Note 326(1) .
Horst could try to develop his point of view and use the relativistic velocity in the Lorentz gamma factor, and give some new results, but that would conflict with the Minkowski metric and with previous UFT papers which all gave self consistent results and which have all been discussed and agreed upon. I think we should wrap up paper 325 now and move on to UFT326 on quantization. It might be that the use of the relativistic velocity in the gamma factor of Lorentz would lead to a new type of metric, or even a new type of special relativity, whose validity would have to be tested against experimental data. The method of Sections 1 and 2 gives the experimental data on light deflection exactly to many orders of magnitude.
This is the logic of this interesting discussion to date.

To: EMyrone
Sent: 23/08/2015 21:13:58 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Note 326(1): Details of Calculations for the Revised UFT325

To my opinion the gamma factor always contains the true, relativistic velocity v and cannot be redefined with vN. So (3) is

Eq.(2) is vN by definition because it contains the Newtonian angular momentum. Let’s assume that the orbits are the same for simplicity. So retaining the relativistic L in (4) leads to
The RHS can further be simplified. From eq. (8) the relativistic momentum

p = gamma m vN

follows, but the correct relativistic momentum is

p = gamma m v.


Am 23.08.2015 um 09:02 schrieb EMyrone:

It is seen that the new equation (5) of the attached note is the same as the relativistic momentum (10). As the relativistic velocity v goes to c, v sub N goes to c squared / 2 and the result for light deflection due to gravitation is recovered exactly from the Newtonian deflection:

delta phi = 2MG / (v sub N squared R0) goes to 4MG / (R0 c squared)

This is exactly the observed result, claimed by astronomes to be of high precision. I am prepared to accept this claim in the absence of convincing arguments to the contrary. this result is rigorously self consistent because the relativistic lagrangian is defined to give the relativistic momentum (Marion and Thornton). This is one of the finest results I have ever seen: light deflection by gravitation is due directly to the relativistic momentum of special relativity (1905).


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