412(6): Hamiltonian Method and Summary of the Theory

August 12, 2018

Many thanks to the Co President of AIAS for this message. I am optimistic that these sources of energy will soon proliferate.

412(6): Hamiltonian Method and Summary of the Theory
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

As you have been saying for some years, this is a new era in physics – one that is consistent and more clear. It opens up new possibilities, such as energy from space-time, and may provide an opportunity to leave behind energy sources that pollute and some industries that have become dated and primitive.

412(6): Hamiltonian Method and Summary of the Theory

August 12, 2018

This note shows that the simple frame rotation (15) produces the spin connection, vacuum force, precessing orbits, and a new general theory of dynamics. Some of the main equations of this theory are given. So this is a very powerful development, one of very many in ECE and ECE2. The hamiltonian is the basis of Schroedinger quantization, so a new quantum mechanics is also inferred. The vacuum force is related to the theory of the precisely observable radiative corrections such as the anomalous g factors of elementary particles, the Lamb shift, the Casimir effect and so on. As Horst mentioned there is a lot of mileage in this theory, the possible inference of many new effects, classical and quantum, and the use of original graphics. Horst’s graphics are internationally famous. The vacuum force is implied by the use of a covariant derivative. The hamiltonian is a constant of motion, and the force equation and equivalence principle follow directly from the fact that the hamiltonian does not change with time. Therefore this is an ECE2 covariant theory, it reduces to the Newtonian theory in the limit (41).


DMCA Commercial Takedown Service

August 12, 2018

The DMCA site has a commercial takedown service which can be used to take down any number of postings, and presumably entire sites, for repeated copyright infringement. So I will look into this option.

To Dave: Copyright Already Reserved in the License Page

August 12, 2018

I read it over, it is excellent. Your original license page of 2011 on the home page of www.aias.us clearly prohibits the theft of about ten thousand postings by fruitcake and the theft of many postings by www.rosettasister.wordpress.com. This is copyright violation on a grand scale. It is up to Governments to legislate to make such theft a criminal offence as well as a tort. Carriers should be liable to prosecution if they will not remove the stolen postings under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I have made formal DMCA complaints to WordPress. Both these sites ignored the license and must have been aware that they were stealing material. This new evidence against fruitcake to add to a mass of evidence accessible to the South Wales police. At present the internet is unpoliced and anarchic. Anyone can be attacked with impunity and material can be looted from any site. Under the DMCA Act, Carriers such as WordPress are bound by law to remove stolen material. If they do not do so, they can be prosecuted.

cc Rt. Hon Alun Michael, Commissioner of Police for South Wales.
Fwd: To Dave: Copyright Already Reserved in the License Page
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

I edited the License page to add the coverage of drmyronevans.wordpress.com. Please look it over to insure you agree it meets your needs.

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To Dave: Copyright Already Reserved in the License Page

I think that there is no need to amend the license page because copyright is already reserved in the first sentence. Copyright was reserved in 2011. The blog www.drmyronevans.wordpress.com is part of www.aias.us so fruitcake is clearly aware of the fact that it has stolen ten thousand postings from the blog. To be double sure I added an additional copyright notice in the blog itself. It may be worth adding a short sentence after the copyright reservation that spidering and downloading are allowed provided the material is used for the advancement of science and culture and not for commercial purposes

Daily Weblogs Report 10/8/18

August 12, 2018

The equivalent of 426,495 printed pages was downloaded (1.555 gigabytes) from 3,540 memory files downloaded (hits) and 548 distinct visits each averaging 5.2 memory pages and 14 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 120.49, top referrals total 2,486,469, 49.4% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Apple Inc. spidering; Engineering Ohio State University UFT116; Active Minds Organization spidering; Wayback Machine spidering. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.


Reply to Prof. Gareth Jones

August 11, 2018

To Professor Gareth Jones, University of Cambridge,
Dear Gareth,
Pleasure! I think that I recognize the yard near the assembly hall in the photograph. The yard in the photograph is grass. In my time it was concrete. I should look up the date of opening of the original school that predated the Pontardawe Grammar School. Unfortunately it was closed by the remote and ridiculous government of Neath Port Talbot. It was then vandalized and set on fire, demolished, and turned into a tacky set of houses. I saw it after it had been abandoned. I salvaged the memories of the school, and also Craig Cefn Parc primary school in my two volume Autobiography. This is read in essentially all the countries of the world and is a classic in its own way. Any recollections you may have are historically very valuable. In the Genuki site on Pontardawe the Ynys Cedwyn iron works is described. The anthracite based blast method was exported to the United States by a manager of the Ynys Cedwyn iron works, situated on the Ynys Cedwyn Estate of my own ancestors. His wife could not speak a word of English, because there was no need to speak English. This is an example of living in a Bro Iaith. As you know the colliers in the Hendy and Nixon drift mines all spoke Welsh. The anthracite based method produced much better quality iron. Former pupils of the grammar school include Goronwy Daniel, Sia^n Philips, Huw Llywelyn Davies, Mary Hopkin and many others of high distinction. I have posted some of my notebooks and some of the O and A level examination papers. They are formidably difficult, the same standard as some English Schools and Eton and Westminster School.

Dear Myron,

Thank you. The pic was taken pre WW 1, so I assume that the school was built before then….and unchanged in the 1930s. Is it still there I wonder.

I have just written to Alastair Davies to ask about Elim, mentioned your name and await with interest any reply.

I have continued to read ( and re[read) your encyclopaedic autobiography; there is nothing that I could add to your remarkable recollections other than the peculiarities of another household in the Graig 10 years or so earlier.

Thanks again for introducing me to such a fascinating story.

I do remember returning to Cardiff when I was 5 and having to learn English from a book…and struggling with the word “said”.


On 6 Aug 2018, at 13:39, Myron Evans <myronevans123> wrote:

This looks like Pontardawe Grammar in the thirties, I will be pleased to help with editorial work

On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 1:16 PM, Gareth <johngareth423> wrote:

I would rather produce a more coherent Craig story ( but not a saga) before embarking on the web. In this regard I will need your editorial help. So please be patient.

Pro tem. Can you identify the background to the enclosed pic. One of the two cricket teams could be Pontardawe staff and the background the school.
Do you think so? It looks like a school to my highly trained eye.


To Dave: Copyright Already Reserved in the License Page

August 11, 2018

I think that there is no need to amend the license page because copyright is already reserved in the first sentence. copyright was reserved in 2011. The blog www.drmyronevans.wordpress.com is part of www.aias.us so fruitcake is clearly aware of the fact that it has stolen ten thousand postings from the blog. To be double sure I added an additional copyright notice in the blog itself. It may be worth adding a short sentence after the copyright reservation that spidering and downloading are allowed provided the material is used for the advancement of science and culture and not for commercial purposes

Spanish version of UFT 410 411

August 11, 2018

Many thanks to both colleagues!

Posted today


On 8/6/2018 11:21 AM, Alex Hill (ET3M) wrote:

Hello Dave,
Please find enclosed the Spanish version of UFT 410 & 411, for posting.



FOR POSTING: Copyright Notice

August 11, 2018

To Dave Burleigh, CEO Annexa Inc., Arizona, USA: I will copy the license or licence page as you advise and add this copyright notice, advised by WordPress Inc. There has been wholesale looting of my blog posts by the fruitcake hate blog, about ten thousand copyright infringements and also wholesale looting by www.rosettasister.wordpress.com. It is up to WordPress to terminate both sites for thousands of copyright violations and content theft, otherwise WordPress Inc. will be brought into severe disrepute worldwide. The copyright notice is already on the blog and immediately stopped fruitcake from looting my postings. This is a clear admission of guilt by fruitcake. The real identity of fruitcake is known to the Police Commissioner for South Wales, Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, with whom I have had some correspondence about fruitcake and trolling in general. The Commissioner ordered the Police to investigate the fruitcake site. Chief Inspector Brier coordinated the investigation, and the head of Swansea C. I. D. looked at the small sample I sent. The Police tried to accumulate enough evidence for a prosecution at the order of the Commissioner. To do this the Police should look through the entire fruitcake site. It is apparent to a reasonable person that it is hideously insulting and deeply offensive and contains ethnic hate crime against the People of Wales. For example we are told that the reason I ran away from UNCC is that I had the blood of Welsh Princes in me. That is obvious hate crime. This evidence is obviously enough for a prosecution in the public interest. It may take some time for the Police to look at the complete fruitcake site but if they do so, the obnoxious insults from the English fruitcake site will be readily apparent. About ten thousand insults is not cricket, it is a course of harassment and public disorder. The Malicious Communications Act of 2003 means that a crime is committed if only one grossly offensive comment is sent with the intent of causing distress or anxiety. If a recipient has found a message to be grossly offensive, it has clearly caused distress and anxiety and is a crime under the Malicious Communications Act. The entire world of science finds fruitcake to be grossly offensive. The crime is complete as soon as the message is sent. If ten thousand are sent, ten thousand crimes are committed. Ethnically offensive comments are in law grossly offensive and are hate crimes. There is currently a Government review of hate sites because in 2017, 28% of internet users in Britain were the victims of trolling, harassment or cyberbullying. Fruitcake contains thousands of examples of all three activities. The Government is thinking of extending the sentence for this kind of crime to three years in prison. Ioan Richard, a former councillor, has admitted being part of fruitcake, so is open to prosecution if the police decide that they have enough evidence to act in the public interest. The evidence of about ten thousand instances of content theft is NEW evidence. To give a couple of examples, Labour M. P. Stella Creasy was called a witch in menacing posts and the criminal who did this was prosecuted under the Malicious Communications Act. There are now many prosecutions under the Malicious Communications Act. Being called a witch is very mild compared with some of the vicious name calling on fruitcake. For example John Wheeler and Jean Pierre Vigier, two of Einstein’s assistants or invited assistants, are called crackpots. The fruitcake site has started to attack John Wheeler because I mentioned him. See also the sentencing remarks of Justice Spencer in the case of Crown versus Bonehill, who was sentenced to a long term in prison. The crime in this case was severe ethnic hate crime. There is clear precedent for prosecuting fruitcake and all accessories to it. Ioan Richard is supposed to be a supporter of the Welsh language, but he is involved with a hate site that regularly attacks the People of Wales with hate crime. Chief Inspector Brier wrote to me to express concern at the number of incidents that have occurred here: my first wife was attacked by a developer, there was an attempt to set my car on fire, I received a hate letter that was investigated by the Neath Hate Crime Unit, and there have been verbal common assaults and threats of violence. In my opinion there is enough evidence to show systematic hate crime against someone like myself who is a native first language Welsh speaker and a staunch supporter of the language under human rights laws. I was born in this house and my first language is the Welsh language. I am a poet in both languages. At a recent lands Tribunal the Judge became aware of the fact that my car had been severely damaged and was not amused. A few locals heard me give evidence of the criminal damage to my car and hung their heads in front of the Judge. One of these locals was Ioan Richard. My barrister asked him what he had against me. The lands tribunal sustained my objections and found that the land upon which a garage was built was part of an unadopted highway. I later found a map of 1917 which showed that this land was part of the Newlands Estate. This shows how a hate blog can be used to stir up trouble.

cc Police Commissioner


I am no lawyer, but adding this to the License page is tricky. Please copy the License page and edit it as you wish so that I have clear direction how the text will be composed.



On 8/6/2018 10:03 PM, Myron Evans wrote:

Hello Dave, can this copyright notice be posted as the first item on the home page? Many thanks in anticipation.
FOR POSTING: Copyright Notice

There is already a License Declaration on the home page of www.aias.us that prohibits unauthorized use of the site. The site includes my blog, www.drmyronevans.wordpress.com. This additional copyright notice is posted on the advice of WordPress.

“Copyright Myron Evans, www.aias.us and www.drmyronevans.wordpress.com, 2000 to present. Unauthorized use and / or duplication of this material, without the express and written permission of the authors and owner of these sites is strictly prohibited. Reproduction on another blog of postings on www.drmyronevans.wordpress.com, without the express permission of the owner, Myron Evans, is strictly prohibited. The use of spiders to download content from www.aias.us, and to advance science and culture, is allowed.”

412(4) : Link between frame angular velocity and spin connection

August 11, 2018

These are interesting ideas from Horst. The essence of progress is composed of imagination and new ideas, unrestricted by the rusted chains of dogma. I fully agree that all these ideas can be developed numerically and graphically. The idea of a rotating frame can also be aplied to electrodynamics and fluid dynamics, and any area of physics.

412(4): Link between frame angular velocity and spin connection
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

This is a highly interesting development. This seems to give a basis for many numerical examples how frame rotation works. I still have to go through the note in detail. Important to know that the primed system is the observed one.
My background thinking is the following: since omega_1 is equivalent to a spin connection, it could be possible to "design" such frame rotations that orbits become singular. If we think about a semi-classical atom model, it could be possible to produce bound elliptic orbits with epsilon=1, i.e. the ellipse is degenerated to a line. This would be a reduction of dimension for atomic orbitals. All electronic orbitals go through the nucleus, not only s orbitals. This may even be a mechanism for LENR. In the sense of solid state physics, this would be a special kind of hybridization. If I see all this right, a completely new field of applications could open. Some fundamental experiments would have to be made first.


Am 08.08.2018 um 14:26 schrieb Myron Evans:

412(4) : Link between frame angular velocity and spin connection

The basic hypothesis of the frame rotation theory is that the underlying spacetime torsion causes the frame to rotate at the angular velocity omega sub 1. Eq. (16) of this note gives the link between omega sub 1 and the spin connection of the underlying torsion.