Daily Report 19/4/18

April 21, 2018

The equivalent of 243,837 printed pages was downloaded (889.029 megabytes) from 3,329 downloaded memory files (hits) and 551 distinct visits each averaging 4.5 memory pages and 10 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 73.25, top referrals total 2,419,379, 50.5% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 2684, Top ten 1015, Collected Evans / Morris 627(est), Principles of ECE 380, Collected Scientometrics 317, Barddoniaeth (Collected Poetry) 252, F3(Sp) 227, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 176, Autobiography volumes one and two 174, UFT88 161, MJE 108, PECE 96, PECE2 94, Evans Equations 73, Llais 57, CV 56, Engineering Model 53, UFT311 37, UFT321 32, CEFE 26, ADD 20, UFT313 40, UFT314 23, UFT315 27, UFT316 28, UFT317 37, UFT318 35, UFT319 31, UFT320 30, UFT322 36, UFT323 32, UFT324 37, UFT325 38, UFT326 26, UFT327 33, UFT328 31, UFT329 34, UFT330 27, UFT331 35, UFT332 39, UFT333 22, UFT334 29, UFT335 39, UFT336 41, UFT337 30, UFT338 29, UFT339 18, UFT340 24, UFT341 28, UFT342 26, UFT343 27, UFT344 20, UFT345 40, UFT346 31, UFT347 32, UFT348 35, UFT349 22, UFT351 34, UFT352 29, UFT353 22, UFT354 36, UFT355 22, UFT356 24, UFT357 20, UFT358 24, UFT359 21, UFT360 23, UFT361 17, UFT362 3, UFT363 30, UFT364 26, UFT365 14, UFT366 94, UFT367 27, UFT368 25, UFT369 27, UFT370 27, UFT371 21, UFT372 26, UFT373 19, UFT374 26, UFT375 18, UFT376 21, UFT377 20, UFT378 18, UFT379 12, UFT380 10, UFT381 26, UFT382 34, UFT383 32, UFT384 12, UFT385 22, UFT386 19, UFT387 20, UFT388 27, UFT389 26, UFT390 27, UFT391 34, UFT392 41, UFT393 29, UFT394 34, UFT395 32, UFT396 70, UFT397 37, UFT398 31, UFT399 96, UFT400 38, UFT401 40, UFT402 40, UFT403 37, UFT404 35, UFT405 3 to date in April 2018. City of Winnipeg UFT papers, Uiversity of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT391 – 404; University of Geneva UFT88; Max Planck Institute for the Chemical Physics of Solids Essay 24; University of Baja California Mexico F3(Sp); University of Peruana Peru UFT33(Sp); Horia Hulubei National Institute Romania UFT142; University of Edinburgh UFT114. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached


Daily Report 18/4/18: New Record High of 10.946 Gbytes in one day

April 20, 2018

The equivalent of 3,002,194 printed pages was downloaded (10.946 gigabytes) from 8.820 downloaded memory files (hits) and 1,187 distinct visits each averaging 4.3 memory pages and 3 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 340.38, top referrals total 2,418,899, 77.7% spiders mainly from Baidu , Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 2603, Top ten 943, Collected evans / Morris 594(est), Principles of ECE 355, Collected scientometrics 285, Barddoniaeth (Collected Poetry) 230, F3(Sp) 218, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 169, Autobiography volumes one and two 166, UFT88 143, PECE2 90, PECE 88, Collected Proofs 81, Evans Equations 67, Engineering Model 52, UFT311 35, UFT321 30, SCI 25, PLENR 23, ADD 19, UFT313 39, UFT314 23, UFT315 24, UFT316 28, UFT317 35, UFT318 33, UFT319 30, UFT320 29, UFT322 23, UFT323 30, UFT324 36, UFT325 35, UFT326 25, UFT327 32, UFT328 29, UFT329 31, UFT330 24, UFT331 29, UFT332 36, UFT333 22, UFT334 29, UFT335 38, UFT336 41, UFT337 28, UFT338 28, UFT339 18, UFT340 23, UFT341 27, UFT342 26, UFT343 27, UFT344 19, UFT345 38, UFT346 30, UFT347 32, UFT348 33, UFT349 21, UFT351 33, UFT352 28, UFT353 22, UFT354 36, UFT355 22, UFT356 23, UFT357 20, UFT358 24, UFT359 21, UFT360 23, UFT361 16, UFT362 30, UFT363 28, UFT364 24, UFT365 14, UFT366 90, UFT367 26, UFT368 24, UFT369 25, UFT370 25, UFT371 21, UFT372 25, UFT373 18, UFT374 24, UFT375 17, UFT376 21, UFT377 20, UFT378 18, UFT379 12, UFT380 10, UFT381 25, UFT382 3, UFT383 32, UFT384 12, UFT385 22, UFT386 19, UFT387 20, UFT388 26, UFT389 26, UFT390 27, UFT391 32, UFT392 37, UFT393 26, UFT394 31, UFT395 30, UFT396 67, UFT397 35, UFT398 31, UFT399 93, UFT400 35, UFT401 36, UFT402 38, UFT403 35, UFT404 32 to date in April 2018. Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Vienna UFT399; City of Winnipeg UFT Section; University of Zurich Collected Poetry; New York University UFT324; University of Vermont UFT213; University of Technical Construction Bucharest general; University of Edinburgh spidering; University of Sussex UFT399; University of York UFT399; Sound Organization revival of the Cumbric Language. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached


Plans for UFT406

April 19, 2018

Plans for UFT406

These plans are to develop the criticisms in UFT405 to orbits in general in order to show that the precessional method cannot be used to claim that the Einstein theory is precise. This has become an absurd claim because the theory collapses completely in a whirlpool galaxy and has been refuted many times to great international acclaim. The total precession is all that can be observed, as is in fact well known. In the solar system the total precession is dominated almost completely by planetary influence. The tiny part attributed to relativity is wrongly attributed entirely to the Einstein theory, whereas there are contributions from the Thomas precession, de Sitter precession and Lense Thirring precession which are never considered. If the orbit is nearly circular, the velocity v of the Thomas precession is the orbital velocity of the planet. UFT405 described the de Sitter and Lense Thirring precessions in terms of effective Thomas velocities. The Einstein precession is about the same order of magnitude as the de Sitter precession. So the standard model’s claim to magical agreement with EGR is completely wrong, it is based on assuming that the Thomas, de Sitter and Lense Thirring precessions are all zero. This is complete nonsense. There is also another major blunder in that the planetary effects are calculated using a Newtonian method as pointed out by Myles Mathis. They should have been calculated using a relativistic method. I will give more details of how the old physics actually calculated the de Sitter and LT precessions. They were of course calculated from the Einstein field equation, which within a proportionality factor is the incorrect second Bianchi identity of 1902, one which omits torsion. UFT88 and UFT313 show that when torsion is included, the second Bianchi identity and the Einstein equation are changed completely. UFT99 shows that if torsion is omitted, curvature vanishes, reductio ad absurdum. In the first note I will list the Thomas precessions of the planets. This is a simple calculation, delta phi ~ pi (v / c) squared.

“Principles of ECE Volumes One and Two” Heavily Studied

April 19, 2018

As can be seen from the daily reports these items are being heavily studied after posting in the blue box. PECE2 (UFT366) is the most read ECE2 item to date in April, followed by UFT399 on infinite energy from spacetime and UFT396 on the gyroscope. All the ECE2 papers and books are being read in English and Spanish, (UFT313 to UFT405 to date). The famous UFT88 is on a new record high this month,after being posted in the blue box, and its final form, UFT313, is attracting increased readership. The now obsolete establishment of physics tried to censor all 405 papers and books of ECE theory, and all 300 Spanish translations, and has been rejected by the avant garde, as always happens in any intellectual movement or paradigm shift. After a while, the avant garde becomes the solid majority. The chapters by Stephen Crothers in PECE and PECE2 are also being heavily studied, again indicating a sharp reaction against the old establishment’s savage treatment of Crothers. It is important therefore to post important items in the blue box, because the readership is sharply increased, by as much as ten times. I suggest posting the following in the blue box:

1) M. W. Evans, S. J. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast "Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation" (CEFE), UFT301.
2) Laurence Felker "The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory, UFT302.
2) Horst Eckardt, "The Engineering Model", UFT303.
3) M. W. Evans "Collected Scientometrics" UFT307.

With links to Spanish translations and where they can be bought. This will sharply increase their readership judging by recent experience with PECE and PECE2. This is because the blue box above my coat of arms is the first thing that readers see.

Daily Report 17/4/18

April 19, 2018

The equivalent of 139,256 printed pages was downloaded (507.726 megabytes) from 2,443 downloaded memory files (hits) and 593 distinct visits each averaging 3.4 memory pages an 7 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 57.00, top referrals total 2,413,364, 45.4% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 3003; Top ten 860; Collected Evans / Morris 561(est), Principles of ECE 313, Collected scientometrics 275, F3(Sp) 205, Barddoniaieth (Collected Poetry) 201, Autobiography volumes one and two 146, UFT88 128, Collected Eckart / Lindstrom 128, MJE 89, PECE2 83, PECE78, Collected Proofs 58, Evans Equations 57, Llais 54, Engineering Model 45, CV 40, UFT311 28, UFT321 23, CEFE 21, SCI 19, PLENR 18, ADD 17, UFT313 33, UFT314 18, UFT315 20, UFT316 24, UFT317 25, UFT318 29, UFT319 25, UFT320 25, UFT322 28, UFT323 25, UFT324 31, UFT325 31, UFT326 21, UFT327 28, UFT328 24, UFT329 27, UFT330 20, UFT331 27, UFT332 34, UFT333 17, UFT334 34 UFT335 34, UFT336 35, UFT337 21, UFT338 23, UFT339 14, UFT340 18, UFT341 22, UFT342 21, UFT343 23, UFT344 14, UFT345 33, UFT346 25, UFT347 24, UFT348 28, UFT349 16, UFT351 28, UFT352 22, UFT353 18, UFT354 31, UFT355 17, UFT356 18, UFT357 15, UFT358 19, UFT359 16, UFT360 17, UFT361 12, UFT362 25, UFT363 24, UFT364 20, UFT365 10, UFT366 83, UFT367 22, UFT368 20, UFT369 21, UFT370 20, UFT371 15, UFT372 18, UFT373 13, UFT374 18, UFT375 13, UFT376 15, UFT377 15, UFT378 14, UFT379 8, UFT380 6, UFT381 21, UFT382 28, UFT383 27, UFT384 8, UFT385 18, UFT386 14, UFT387 13, UFT388 21, UFT389 21, UFT390 21, UFT391 27, UFT392 30, UFT393 21, UFT394 25, UFT395 24, UFT396 59, UFT397 29, UFT398 25, UFT399 62, UFT400 30, UFT401 31, UFT402 32, UFT403 31, UFT404 28 to date in April 2018. City of Winnipeg UFT Section, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (CEFE), LME Cover; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT400- UFT404; Chemistry University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) UFT177; Autonomous University of Baja California Mexico F3(Sp). Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.


UFT88 Read at the City University of Hong Kong

April 18, 2018

CUHK is ranked 49 in the world by QS, 119 by Times,194 by webometrics and 201-300 by Shanghai. It was founded in 1984 and has about 14,000 students. Staff and students of the ECE school of thought inside CUHK frequently consult the website. Every university of any note now has its permanent ECE school of thought which rejects the obsolete and censorious physics establishment and the obsolete physics. We are able to teach at a distance in all of them without charging any fees. In my opinion student fees should be scrapped and replaced by the sixties system described in the second volume of my autobiography. Recently there has been a surge of interest in the already famous UFT88, which effectively marks the end of the Einsteinian general relativity, in its time an influential theory but one full of flaws. The aim of ECE2 is to improve and correct the ideas by Einstein and of course to develop a unified field theory. There has been a surge of interest in items posted in the blue box above my coat of arms,so "Principles of ECE volumes one and two" is now the most popular single item on the site. The obsolete physics establishment tried to censor it completely.


April 18, 2018

This is a paper which explains all precessions in terms of the rotation of the ECE2 covariant line element. It severely criticises the data reduction of Gravity Probe B. The Einstein theory has already been refuted in many ways, notably in the classic UFT88. All that can ever be observed in the precession of m about M is the sum of precessions incorrectly attributed in the obsolete physics to Einstein, de Sitter and Lense and Thirring. In ECE2 the observable sum of precessions is described very simply by the velocity of rotation of the ECE2 covariant line element. The ECE2 School rejects the claims of NASA / Stanford to have isolated Einstein, de Sitter and LT. This is a general and severe criticism of all claims to have verified EGR by precession. In effect they assumed the theory that was to proven experimentally. The PRL that reported the GPB results did not even mention the Einstein precession, the largest one.








April 18, 2018

Many thanks! The rate of publication over 45 years can be seen from www.aias.us, Omnia Opera and UFT sections. After starting as a post graduate from 1971 to 1974, it has remained roughly constant. The EDCL post doctoral group (described by the BBC as the Hall of Fame group) can be said to hold another world record of twenty fellowships won in open competition. This will never be surpassed. You won three, Mauro Ferrario won one, and I won fifteen. The work was checked by computer all the time. This is like winning twenty international piano competitions. A career as a concert pianist is established usually by winning just one, and very rarely, two. The present AIAS / UPITEC group is world famous, and all its work is checked by Horst Eckardt and others in a meticulous way. The work is translated by Alex Hill, generating vast interest in the Spanish speaking world and in Brazil (Portuguese) and Portugal. However we have shredded the standard model, so we are prohibited from winning anything except the acclaim of essentially the entire world of science. So much for the physics establishment. My high honour was the result of Tony Blair reading the magnificent referees’ reports by Alwyn van der Merwe, Bo Lehnert and the late John B. Hart and the nomination by the RSC and perhaps also the RS. I assume that the final decision was made by Queen Elizabeth, who is not a string theorist. The rate of publication for the academic world according to a recent Norwegian study is 0.7 paper equivalents per year. Of that tiny output, half is not read. Our work is read by millions. The monographs amount to perhaps a hundred paper equivalents each. So we have out produced academia to such an extent that one must ask the question: “Is your uni really necessary?” The work certainly required self discipline, and also imagination. We were very unlucky to run into a corrupt, self seeking academia, interested only in money, and not scholarship. It exacted a very heavy toll on my first wife and myself for daring to think freely. Destruction of career on contrived charges, or no charges at all, loss of my first wife, who was attacked by an academic, loss of salary, pension, and a contented life in Ithaca, New York. They do not throw cement over your car in Ithaca. It is a sophisticated society reminiscent of my distant cousin Franklin Roosevelt.

Nod bad – and still going strong! Even pace I suspect over the forty years and remarkably well disciplined.


April 18, 2018

Thanks again!

Updated today


On 4/17/2018 12:15 AM, Myron Evans wrote:


This CV opens with my three "world records".

Fwd: 405(3) : Geodetic Precession as a Thomas Precession

April 18, 2018

I think that all is OK for the following reasons. If the claimed experimental result of delta phi = 5.8 ten power minus nine radians per GPB orbit is interpreted as a Thomas precession then v = 1.252 ten power four metres per second using delta phi ~ pi (v/c) squared. in obsolete de Sitter theory delta phi ~ pi (v1/ c) squared. So we obtain v1 = 1.252 ten power four metres per second. This was used correctly in Eq. (27) to get the Thomas velocity v.
Geodetic Precession as a Thomas Precession
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

Thanks for the hints. I thint there is a numerical error in (27), the value of v (from 21) was inserted instead of v_1 in the first line of the equation.

Am 17.04.2018 um 14:27 schrieb Myron Evans:

Discussion of Note 405(3).

Thanks for studying this note. Eg. (25) originates in Eq. (24), which is the now obsolete method of rotating the so called Schwarzschild metric, a method used by de Sitter in 1916, and then by Thomas for the Minkowski metric. One can see Eq. (26) in Eq. (24). Eq. (21) is the velocity v of the ECE2 covariant frame rotation (Thomas precession) needed to reproduce the claim by NASA / Stanford. Eq. (26) is the relation between the velocity obtained by rotating the Schwarzschild metric (v sub 1) and the velocity obtained by rotating the ECE2 metric (v). Eq. (26) is the premultiplier of the second term on the left hand side of Eq. (24) To obtain Eq. (17) I used the NASA / Stanford result (15) reported in Phys. Rev. Lett. (106, 2201101), and Eq. (15) to convert from milliarcseconds to radians. Finally I adjjusted from one earth year to 90 minutes, the time taken for one orbit of Gravity Probe B. One can check the result (17) with Maxima. It is the precession in radians per orbital interval of Gravity Probe B (90 minutes in a polar orbit). As you mentioned a few days ago, the use of the earth year by NASA / Stanford is irrelevant and misleading. I think that NASA / Stanford is very dippy, because it completely ignores gravitational precession (the main precession) and uses magic to separate the de Sitter precession from the Lense Thirring precession. It "forgets" to separate them from the gravitational precession. This wouldn’t get a freshman very far in an examination. Howlers such as this come from laundering the data to suit a preconception – the opposite of Baconian science. The claimed agreement with a deeply dippy EGR is also magical, and this is true for all the much vaunted claims of EGR having been tested to incredible (i..e. unbelievable) precision. Einstein collapses completely in almost a hundred diifferent ways in the UFT series alone, and Stephen Crothes has also taken it to the cleaners. I used the obsolete Schwarzschild metric rotation only to illustrate the obsolete theory. Also ij deep trouble is the obsolete "establishment" of physics, which has failed to censor ECE theory and a large number of refutations.

405(3) : Geodetic Precession as a Thomas Precession
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

I do not quite understand eqs.(26) and (27). If (21) is the result that gives the experimental result (14), then it should be

v = v_1.

This follows from the fact that eqs. (10) and (25) are formally identical and should give the same result for Delta phi. Where did you obtain (26)? This gives a strongly different result. There seems to be a numerical error in (17), it should give

v^2 = 1.567*10^8

According to (26), v_1^2 is

v_1^2 = 2.701*10^8.
v_1 = sqrt(v_1^2) = 16435.

This is of course different from v=12520 of eq.(21).


Am 12.04.2018 um 14:11 schrieb Myron Evans:

Geodetic Precession as a Thomas Precession

This note gives an exact description of geodetic precession or de Sitter precession as claimed by Gravity Probe B using a velocity of frame rotation given by Eq. (21) from an ECE2 covariant Thomas precession in which both torsion and curvature are non-zero. The experimental claim is 5.48 ten power minus nine radians per orbit of Gravity Probe B (a ninety minute, almost circular, polar orbit). The standard model bases its theory on the Thomas rotation of the obsolete "Schwarzschild metric", and this is well accepted internationally by the ECE2 School to be a completely incorrect theory. An account of the standard model theory is given just for the sake of comparison. Finally the experimental claim from Gravity Probe B for the precession due to rotation (Lense Thirring or frame dragging effect) is 3.25 ten power minus eleven radians per GPB orbit, which compares with the ECE2 result at the equator (Note 405(1)) of 4.10 ten power minus eleven radians per GBP orbit at the equator. It is as clear as mud how NASA / Stanford makes these experimental claims. The LT effect is two orders of magnitude smaller than the de Sitter effect, and NASA / Stanford ignore both the orbital precession and the Thomas precession. Yet they claim that their results verify the obsolete and incorrect .Einstein theory.