Effect of increasing central mass in m theory

The results of m theory seem to make good sense, and I look forward to seeing the graphics. The superluminal aspect is also very interesting. The m theory goes far beyond Newton, which for M approaching infinity gives alpha goes to 0, r goes to zero, phi dot (angular velocity of the orbit) goes to infinity for all epsilon. and orbital time goes to zero. So according to Newton and Michell these are the properties of an object captured by M goes to infinity. One can forget “black holes”, they are diametrically opposite in philosophy to m theory and to ECE and ECE2 because they contain no torsion. All of ECE is based on torsion and curvature.

Very interesting. So, it stops moving and adds its mass to the dark star with no means of escape. This is matter aggregating at the astronomical level. It does not just “disappear”, however, down an bottomless “black hole”.

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