The Original Physics of the Dark Star

I think that m theory has already given a much clearer picture of the dynamics, described in the orbit equations of m theory and Horst’s latest computations. The white ring also comes out of ECE theory as described here. Rosetta orbits appeared in our work on fractal conic sections, they then evolved into very intricate structures. Following Horst’s note of this morning it is now known how a dark star captures an object, initially at superluminal velocities which fall to zero when the object merges with the dark star. All of this comes out of the orbit equations of m theory. By definition, the hamiltonian and angular momentum are conserved. The m theory keeps on giving completely original and wholly unexpected results, and it already has a large and first class readership.

what we see is certainly a white ring. There is no direct evidence that the star should have a rotating ring structure but this could possibly be modeled. Such models exist n elementary particle physics (alternative proton models). The observed radiation of the ring (in RF range) can probably be explained by hydrodynamic effects, with a rotating spacetime which is also responsible for the formation of spiral galaxies. The additional effects of radiational deflection have already been explained in an early ECE paper. You whould be aware that the picture shown to the public is a “translation” from Gigahertz ratiation to an optical image.


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I wonder if the anomaly in the photo is a dark star or possibly a ring like the rings of Saturn without a central planet perhaps due to a whirlpool type of formation in spacetime or in a spinning electromagnetic field with charged dust particles?. Are we looking at a dark star or a white ring?


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Calculations of Escape Velocity from a Dark Star

The m theory, special relativity and Newtonian theories all show that once an object of mass m is captured by a dark star it cannot escape. It is also shown that the Einstein field equation’s Schwarzschild metric gives zero escape velocity which is total nonsense. This shows how dangerous it is to swallow media propaganda uncritically, especially Wikipedia, and why I never read the newspapers. Since light can never escape a dark star, a dark star cannot be photographed.

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