The Evolution of a Dark Star

This can also be worked out and gravitational collapse is familiar in the solar system, in the rings of Saturn. In fact all the planets are due to a kind of gravitational collapse of matter originally thrown out by the sun. Wikipedia is already distorting the work of John Michell severely and cynically by describing it as black hole theory. It is obviously nothing of the kind. This bounces off the professionals and intellectuals, or those with common sense, but it may deceive the gullible or those who want to be deceived. There is a hysterical need to observe the unobservable, probably because of big money. Michell died long before the Einstein field equation appeared in 1915, and obviously did not infer black holes. This idea was rejected by Einstein in 1939, and by Hawking in 2014. The name “dark star” is due to Michell. The attached survey of the overwhelmingly positive reception to UFT88 has finished off black hole theory. Indirect indications of dark stars could probably be observed. The most advanced theory of gravitation at present is m theory, so it can be tested with astronomical data in the vicinity of a dark star.


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