Dark Stars of John Michell (1783 letter to Cavendish)

These dark stars were independently inferred in the last note and explain most characteristics of the geometrically incorrect fallacy of “black holes”. The complete orbit equations of m theory would add a lot more information, so I will proceed to that in the next note. I was unaware of the work of Rev. John Michell when I wrote Note 438(1). I found it with a Google search today. The Newtonian theory of the dark star, inferred independently by Michell and myself, can be graphed and animated in such a way as to reproduce the notorious photograph immediately rejected by the AIAS / UPITEC group, and by all the followers of ECE theory. I have no idea what this photograph is supposed to be, because light cannot escape a Newtonian dark star. Therefore no photograph can be taken without any light. Various imaginative graphics and animations can be produced of Newtonian conic section orbits as the central mass M approaches infinity. Michell used much the same arguments as I did in his 1783 letter to Henry Cavendish, that light would be trapped by a dark star, which is why it is dark. That 1783 letter is on the net but uses eighteenth century language. The thing that I dislike most about loud propagandists is that they ignore scholarship known to be studied in all the best universities (survey of UFT88 for example). It must be firmly held in mind that UFT88 and all the UFT papers and books, completely refute all the predictions of the Einstein field equation. These refutations, mainly by Horst, Doug and myself, have been long accepted. The media propagandists have gone a long way towards completely destroying the subject of physics, and that is why I dislike them so intensely. They never do any of the hard work of scholarship, and are interested only in cash.

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