ECE text book by Horst Eckardt

This is excellent news! I agree that the proof in UFT137 can be used. This textbook is very important because it demonstrates the basics in a way that most mathematicians and physicists should be able to understand, and shows that the ECE and ECE2 theories are based directly on Cartan geometry. The entire series of seven hundred and fifty papers and books is based on the Maurer Cartan structure equations and the Cartan identity, together with the tetrad postulate. Added to these are UFT88 and the JCE identity of UFT313 (second Bianchi identity corrected for torsion). The theory has long been recognized by capable mathematical physicists. The fact that there are thousands of checks by hand and computer carried out by Horst and others gives overwhelming confidence in the theory. This output of work is equivalent to the entire lifetime output of someone like Linus Pauling, but produced in only fifteen years. The entire staff of AIAS / UPITEC has contributed to the refereeing process, and millions of colleagues worldwide. To any objective judge this is the physics of the twenty first century, the standard model is overturned and is saturated with non Baconian assertions. Therefore I strongly recommend this textbook as essential reading.

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