Plans for UFT438

These are to develop the m theory to describe orbits around a central mass that is made to approach infinity. This is a development of UFT419, with the additional topic suggested by co author Dr. Horst Eckardt, escape of light from an almost infinite central mass. UFT419 included light deflection by gravitation in m theory. What happens when the deflecting mass becomes pseudoinfinite? The answer is that the light is captured and never escapes, or more accurately escapes only in very special circumstances. Similarly what happens when an object of very small mass orbits a pseudoinfinite mass? It is clear to millions of readers that the Einstein field equation is refuted by ECE and m theory in almost a hundred ways. For this reason alone there are no “black holes”. So I intend to limit my response to discussion of crass media pseudoscience. There are plenty of interesting topics in real science. Intellectuals such as Crothers and Robitaille have shredded black holes repeatedly.

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