Escape Velocity from a Heavy Star

Horst made the suggestion of investigating this problem with m theory, and this would be a good idea for UFT438. According to black hole dogma light cannot escape the black hole, which is defined by a particular m function m = 1 – r0 / r. In m theory different m functions can be chosen and a thorough investigation made of the escape velocity under all conditions. Such an investigation was initiated in UFT415 ff, it was found that superluminal velocities were possible (UFT417). The heavy star’s mass could be made to approach infinity. Quantum mechanics and general relativity are unified straightforwardly by m theory. In 2013 / 2014 Hawking abandoned black hole theory and also appeared to abandon event horizon theory. The attached survey of UFT88 shows this very clearly, Hawking’s theory has become untenable. It is widely accepted that Hawking’s work has been refuted in many different ways in the past fifteen years by ECE theory and m theory. These theories are real physics, they do not attempt to use the media to prepare for applications for more cash. Another problem with the media is that it manufactures idols of the cave, and proceeds to worship them. So whatever they say is recorded with great awe, and dumped on the public. Thousands of more worthy scientists are ignored. So establishment physics is in tatters, and closing half of the physics departments in existence today would make no difference to the general public. It is no longer possible to censor cover up and brush aside logical refutations.


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