Wikipedia The Big Frog (Beelzebufo)

This big frog was discovered in Madagascar by staff of SUNY Stony Brook in 2008. It is called Beelzebufo from Beelzebub, a deity whose name can be translated as “Lord of the Flies”, and the Latin for frog, “bufo”. There is an illustration of this big frog eating a theropod at Prime Minister’s question time. So I propose to call the prehistoric wikipedia “the Big Frog”, because it is the only rag that still tries to abuse and distort ECE in public. “Lord of the Flies” is a famous novel by the Nobel Laureate Sir William Golding of Cornwall. We studied it at Pontardawe Grammar School. It is a vivid illustration of the struggle between civilization and barbarism. The MS was rejected many times before being accepted by Faber. The Lord of the Flies is a pig’s head on stick, attracting flies and public schoolboys who had reverted to savagery.

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