FOR POSTING: Statement Rejecting the Black Hole Photograph

The AIAS / UPITEC group has rejected black holes for fifteen years, a rejection based on a mass of evidence, and Stephen Crothers immediately rejected the claim that a singularity had been photographed. Albert Einstein rejected black holes on the grounds that they were singularities, and in 2014 Stephen Hawking also rejected black holes. The famous UFT88 evidences complete rejection by leading universities of the torsionless Einstein field equation. Using the hamiltonian of m theory in the manner of our S2 star analysis, and using a very large central mass, but one which is not infinite, the true Baconian physics of the so called “Black hole” can be developed. The propagandists and the Big Frog (Wiki the Dinosaur) are desperate to convince the general public to unlock their wallets for another dose of pseudoscience. So I intend to show in the next paper (UFT438) that the dynamics of an orbit around a very heavy mass can be explained by m theory. In fact Horst and I have done just this already, in the S2 star system, which orbits a very heavy central mass in the Milky Way. Robitaille and many others have also made a Frog’s breakfast out of Black Holes, the cereal is shredded dogma and milk of toad. There is nothing that the Big Frog hates more than common sense, because it makes the Macbeth cauldron sound hollow and devoid of magic. The Big Frog swallows all mention of the rejection of Black Holes by the best scientists. Hawking became a victim of the Big Frog’s propaganda, so Hawking is covered up when funding is endangered. So just switch off the funding. In an atrocious condemnation of our times, it has emerged that Hawking was regularly beaten by his medical attendant, who has been struck off. This attendant should be in prison.

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