Productivity at the EDCL

By 1976, when I won the British Ramsay Memorial Fellowship in fierce international competition, I had already done enough for a tenured full professor at the EDCL (personal chair). The attached impact analysis shows that the productivity of those who corruptly denied me a chair was miniscule, indeed pathetic. From 1978 to 1983 my group outproduced all the EDCL staff combined. This was done under conditions of abuse and malfeasance. So the closure of the EDCL in 1988 was justified in the light of an objective historical analysis such as the one attached. The only contemporaries of comparable productivity were J. M. Thomas and Bill Jones. Both were given jobs at Cambridge without advertisement, and their productivity is due to large groups of co workers. My EDCL group won twenty Fellowships in international competition against the best in the world. So we were the best young researchers in the world. The Aberystwyth administration was so busy enriching itself that it did not notice. A system like that should be closed down, it cannot be supported by the tax payer. The corruption was horrendous, and this shows up on the historical level in the miniscule productivity of those appointed in smoke filled rooms because they happened to be someone’s crony. The People of Wales should not have this Anglo Norman system imposed on it. The People of Wales is made to pay for it.



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