UFT88 Read at Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana is a public ivy and ranked 71 in the world by webometrics, 146 by Times, 323 by QS and 101 – 150 by Shanghai. It was founded in 1820 and has 43,710 students. UFT88 is among the most intensely studied papers in the world on the second Bianchi identity. It corrects the 1902 second Bianchi identity for spacetime torsion, and transforms it into the Jacobi Cartan Evans (JCE) identity of UFT313. This refutes the Einsteinian general relativity completely because the Einstein field equation is based on the torsionless and incorrect 1902 identity. The attached survey shows that UFT88 has been studied at several hundred leading universities for over a decade, and accepted. The survey is estimated to record only about 5% of the total interest in UFT88, because only public URL’s can be identified. About 95% of readers use private devices to read www.aias.us.


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