The Philosophy of Quantization in m Space

This is unknown territory but it is agreed that the wavefunction is the most fundamental concept of quantum mechanics, so if it contains r and t they should be transformed as r goes to r / m(r) power half and t goes to m(r) power half t. The expectation value in the Born interpretation remains the same. The Schroedinger quantization is then the same as usual. This leads to the Planck quantization being modified by the expectation value of m(r). It seems that this is acceptable as a working hypothesis. I experimented in notes for UFT435 until arriving at this new method. The method is consistent with UFT428, in which the hydrogenic wavefunctions were used in the first approximation. I think that we can see by computation whether this method gives acceptable results. In the early days of quantum theory no one knew how to interpret the wave function, and its interpretation is still a matter of intense debate. These ideas come from the unification of general relativity and quantum mechanics.

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