Half of Universities in the U. S. and Britain might close

This warning arrived as long ago as 2014 from Sir Roderick Floud, but was not heeded, with the result that they are beginning to file for insolvency. The model in Wales should be one, small, homely federal University, fully bilingual, with all students fully bilingual, no student fees, and small grants. Entry standards should be high, at least three B’s. The university system has become so corrupt that it is offering places unconditionally, without the need for A levels. Fees are being pushed very high, so only the rich and illiterate can afford to enter university. There should be an 80% tax on all university salaries over £100,000, rising to 95% for salaries over £500,000. I am intensely angry at the way in which Vice Chancellors and their rich minions milk the public and do no research themselves. The system in my time was so corrupt that it could not even give me a minor tenured position despite having twenty fellowships stuffed into its mortar (our group won a world record of twenty Fellowships, all fiercely competitive). In fact it deliberately and unlawfully made many attempts to destroy my career. So such a system does not deserve the confidence of the long suffering People of Wales, the true authority in the true University of Wales. The appointments were in smoke filled rooms, the result is that the system is shaking on the brink while vice chancellors like Hughes drink champagne in Hong Kong, all expenses paid. He makes the Versailles Court look like a paragon of Republican virtue. I would not shed any tears of remorse if there were massive closures in Wales, because we are flooded and our language destroyed by low quality students who happen to have rich parents. Welsh speaking Wales suffers the most as usual. We are being told that we are second class disposables who cannot produce Vice Chancellors of our own. Past principals include Sir Thomas Parry and Sir Goronwy Daniel, who handed me my D.Sc. degree. His formidable, anthracite features broke into a broad smile. Forty years later I still remember that vividly. I cannot ever imagine Sir Goronwy swigging champagne in Whitehall at the taxpayers’ expense.

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