The Desecration of Higher Education

The more I read and see about so called "Vice Chancellors" the more I throw up as they say in New York City. Contrast them with the early British and Irish Saints, and the anchorites of Skellig Michael (Kenneth Clark ,"Civilization", Episode One, HD on youtube) They were paid nothing at all, very similar to AIAS / UPITEC. I would advocate a Vice Chancellor tax especially for them, at about 80% of income, that would still leave them very well off. Henry VIII would have dissolved them and laid waste to their houses. I am not my ancestral cousin Henry VIII Tudor but advocate the downsizing of the foreign universities in Wales by about 90%, leaving the true University of Wales. The expenses are particularly sickening, together with the microscopic h and g indices. In my time I as prohibited from ordering offprints and reprimanded for over use of postage and xerox. If I had the power and fury of Henry VIII or Oliver Cromwell they would not last two minutes.

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