Articles and Books by the Institute Staff

There are many of these already available and are all read around the world. There are several by Horst Eckardt and Doug Lindstrom and colleagues, and very well written articles by Gareth Evans in the form of nomination summaries and so forth. Alwyn van der Merwe’s powerful and well known support letter for my Civil List Pension is on the site. The well known biography by Kerry Pendergast, “The Life of Myron Evans” is not on the site but can be bought from any good bookshop. It is easily googled up. The well known monograph by Laurence Felker is on the site, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”, and its chapter three in classical Spanish is an astounding success, denoted F3(Sp) for short. “Principles of ECE Theory” is doing very well and so are all the other monographs. There are circuit papers from the Muenich group, animations, essay broadcasts and so on. Anyone looking at will see a huge long line of all the articles being consulted 24/7/365, three thousand four hundred and six items on to date in March 2019, many more on and Robert Cheshire has written a brilliantly illustrated article on galaxies, and Steve Bannister’s important Ph. D. Thesis is on the site. So if these were developed into articles of say fifteen pages, they can be published. This will give the perspective of the colleagues, from chemistry and physics to economics. All colleagues are invited to write such articles if they wish.

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